Everybody has a favourite spot where they want to hang out. If you like going to bars, it’s crucial to know what you’re putting yourself into before you leave home so you can have a good time.

Here are five different styles of bars and how to enjoy them.

College Bar

If you’re looking for affordable drinks and a loud and obnoxious crowd ready to party, a college bar is the place to be. Going to a college bar is similar to going to a college music festival. Expect it to be sticky and packed to the brim, with a DJ spinning the latest hits. You must love drinking games, dancing, and shots if you want to have a great time here. Dress casually in denim. If you don’t want your favourite shoes to be coated with grime from of the floor by the end of the evening, skip the nice clothing.

Sports Bar

Sports bars are the hub of all the activity. Every wall in the sports bar is covered in giant flat screen TVs, they serve heart attack food, and they have a plethora of craft brews. If you want to watch the game but don’t have a big TV at home, go to the sports bar and you will feel like you’re in the arena.

The best way to enjoy a sports bar is to arrive early so that you can secure a seat. Check that you can see all of the TVs in the bar from your place. Finally, carry plenty of cash so that you can continue to order rounds for your group to make good on all of those bets. Don’t forget to buy any wings to go with it. When it comes to bars in Mildura there are many great ones you can visit.

Dive Bar

If you’re either edgy or simply don’t care what others think about your alcohol intake, a dive bar is the place to be. Dive bars vary from sleazy motorcycle gang hangouts to low-budget bars where an easy shot of tequila can be found. If you want to drink tonight, the dive bar is screaming your name. Don’t be concerned about the attire; you’ll look great in whatever you’ve been wearing all day. Go start up a conversation with a complete stranger and prepare to meet some fascinating people.

Cigar Bar

If you enjoy smoking cigars, you can visit a cigar bar at least once. The majority of cigar bars are similar to lounges, with low lighting and easy seating. You may order your preferred Bourbon and choose from a wide range of fine cigars. When you go there, you should dress up a little. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little in order to take advantage of the best that they have to sell. It’s also a fun way to spend a night out with the boys.

Irish Pub

Are you searching for a spot to vent about your problems or whisper tall tales to strangers over boozing? The Irish pub is the perfect place to do this since it has been done in Ireland since before the Middle Ages! To really appreciate an Irish pub, go there after work for a pint.

Be sure to order dinner because Irish pubs usually serve excellent Irish-themed home-cooked classics like Bangers and Mash or Shepherd’s Pie. It’s a nice place to have a conversation with a stranger or watch the game.