Fighting a custody battle is one of the hardest things you’ll face. Everything to help you go through and win it is discussed below.

Keep the Kids Safe

The custody battle would be hardon your kids. The blood between you and your partner may be bad. Try and keep the fights away from the little ones – it would make the situation worse for them.

Don’t bring up the proceedings when you’re with your children. This is one of the worst things you could do – it would remind them that they’re going through something major.

Don’t Go to Court

Things don’t have to go to court. The lawyers could meet and come up with a custody agreement. It would save time, money, and a lot of sweat and tears. As discussed above, your children would negatively be affected by what’s going on. Dealing with the issue behind closed doors would leave them the least affected.

A Good Lawyer

The attorney you’d be working with is very important. If you’re adamant about winning full custody, you’d need to make a strong case at court. The best lawyer would have to be hired. The more you’re willing to spend, the better the quality of services you’ll get. When going on the hunt for the best family lawyers Melbourne has some of the most esteemed around.


It’ll be great to go through the family laws in your area. You’ll know what to expect. And there may be a lot of documents you’d need for your case. Being prepared with them will help you tackle the situation swiftly.

Knowing the laws would also give you a good idea of how your case would go. This could calm your nerves if you’re feeling anxious.


If things get ugly in court, the judge would side with whoever seems the less toxic. You’re advised to get along with your partner at all times. If they are trying to make you seem like an aggressive and unreasonable person, the case your lawyer is trying to build would be helped by your amicable demeanour.


Let’s talk about your partner painting you negatively again. What would help you diminish this is requesting in-house evaluations. Teams would be sent to review the living conditions the kids would be in. The party would be neutral and give a thorough examination of your parental skills as well.

Keep Your Head Up

The other side would paint you as a horrible parent when you are the complete opposite. This might get to your head. You must remember that how well you defend yourself is what’s important.

Final Thoughts

Let’s run through things again; custody battles are hard on everyone. Although it is head-wracking for your partner and you, it may be harder on your kids. They don’t understand the gravity of the situation after all. Keep them out of everything as much as you can. Try your best to agree out of court before you leap. You’d be spending a lot of money and time otherwise.