Baby clothing is now available in varying styles, patterns and colours. When finding the right outfits for your baby girl, it may be difficult to distinguish between what you want to dress them in, and what they actually need.

Here are some tips to keep your baby comfortable and fashionable at the same time:

Make sure they fit

More than anyone, you should be having a better idea about the size of your angel. When you are shopping for baby clothes, ensure you have the right measurements so the clothes would neither be too small nor too big. It is advisable to go for one size bigger as babies grow quick and may outgrow the clothes in a matter of a few months.

Choose clothes that are both comfy and secure

Comfort and safety are the 2 factors which are of utmost importance when it comes to shopping for your baby girl. Make sure that the clothing you buy does not have any sharp objects attached as it could cause an injury. You should also try to avoid clothing that have loose buttons and bows as there is a possibility of your baby accidentally swallowing them.

Pick out the stylish clothes

Every parent wants their child looking cute and fabulous at those special family gatherings. For such occasions, make sure to pick out a few trendy pieces like a princess dress, girls butterfly skirt, pretty tops and cute one pieces.

Go for outfits that are comfortable to put on and take off

If you already have experience dressing up babies, then you know how difficult it is to get your baby in to those clothes and out the door. While you need to look into your babies’ comfort and safety, try to find some clothing that will reduce your work as well. Clothing that has broad necks, loose sleeves and snaps at the neck are easy to put on and remove. Dresses are the ideal choice if you are out and may have to do some diaper changes.

Select clothes that are both washable and durable

When choosing clothes, make sure to check for the label that says ‘machine washable.’ This will allow you to throw in those baby clothes into the washing machine and take a breather instead of piling on more work by hand washing and ironing them. As baby clothes are also a bit pricey, stick to materials like cotton that are durable and comfortable so you won’t have to update her wardrobe too often.

Stick to a budget

While there are a wide variety of beautiful baby clothing both in retail stores and online, quite a few of them are very pricey. Stick to a budget so you don’t buy an unnecessary amount of clothes that your baby may never wear. Do not buy clothes that are expensive as your baby may outgrow them in a matter of months.

Buying your baby’s first clothes is an exciting time for parents. Make the maximum use of this time while following these tips and you will have a beautiful wardrobe set up for your princess in no time.