How to Achieve a Perfectly Boho Style in Your Home


Bohemian or boho style is one of the timeless themes when it comes to home decorating. It is opposite to the minimalist approach since boho style consists of an interesting mixture of textures, patterns and items all in one place.

Boho style homes are popular among homeowners who love to showcase the beauty of culture and want to fill up their homes with life and cosy feeling. It is popular among those who are on the artistic side but everyone is free to apply this theme into their homes.

If you want to try out this interesting home décor, here are the basic things to keep in mind.

Boho Colours

There are actually no restrictions when it comes to boho decorating since it is all a mixture of styles that look good together. This means that you can actually have any colour you like for your bohemian home. However, there are some basic colours that should be present to give your home that free boho vibe. Earthy tones such as greens, greys, and deep browns are perfect as base colours. You could then use jewel tones and metallic as accents or accessory colours such as fiery red, orange, etc.

You could mix and match textures and patterns as long as they look good together. Hangings are also a common feature of a bohemian decorated home – from sofa throws, area rugs, and hanging tapestries such as these lovely macrame wall hanging patterns.

Boho Furniture

It is rare to find shops that sell a whole bohemian furniture set. Usually, bohemian furniture is collected through time. Vintage shops are the perfect to-go place when you’re looking for furniture pieces that would fit in your boho home. Comfort and relaxation are the key features of a bohemian home so you should look for items that fit that category. Couches, plush chairs, overstuffed floor pillows, daybeds and chaises lounges are just some of the perfect boho furniture but there are still plenty to explore.

Decorative Accessories and Lighting

A bohemian home should have a calm and welcoming feel. When choosing for lighting fixtures, go for those that provide soft and subtle light rather than extremely bright ones. Instead of a classy chandelier, opt for floor lamps, lanterns and candles instead for a more homely feel. Since boho style is more of a mix-and-match style, you can use a variety of decorative pieces as long as they match each other.

Aside from that, embracing the nature is one of the philosophies of a boho life. This means that you should have a touch of nature in your home to complete your bohemian décor. Adding plants around is one of the best ways to beautify and add more life into your home. Place them on empty or dull looking spots to add interest and beauty into that area.

If you want a home that truly expresses your personality and preferences, a bohemian home might be the perfect one for you.