Having a baby puts your entire life into over drive. Suddenly your attention is required 24/7 and your time seems so limited and sleep? What is sleep? The first few months are probably the hardest. You are still getting the hang of how to handle things while also caring for a baby and his or her needs around the clock.

However, when you are holding your little one, all the stress and tiredness melts away into nothing. Many people will tell you different versions of how to be ready for a baby. The emotional and physically toll and happiness it takes on your body. However, there are certain physical items that are bound to help, here are a list of things you need for when a baby is born.

Onesies and a lot of them

Till you and your baby get used to your own schedules it is going to be a lot of trial and error. One of the many things you will need to learn is to understand when your baby needs food or needs to be changed. Hence there is a good chance your laundry load will pile up.

Keep onesies and other easy clothes so that changing and dressing your baby is convenient. Always have a fresh pile of clothes ready and keep spares in your vehicle too in case of an emergency. This will ensure you are prepared for any situation.

Baby room essentials

The joy of decorating your baby’s room is thrilling. You are allowed to let your imagination run free with the deco and furniture. However, functionality is vital. Keep furniture you really need close by such as changing tables, the cot and even the wardrobe. Keeping these things close by will help you get them changed faster. Ensure you get a fitted cot sheet as well, as this makes washing much easier and neater.

Baby bath items

This ranges from a baby bathtub to the bath items you are planning on using. Ensure whatever your product you use is safe on baby’s skin and provides additional care. Check with your doctor beforehand as certain babies’ skins maybe sensitive. Keep a baby towel, powder and baby moisturizer ready after a bath so that it makes it easier. Throw in a rubber ducky too or any other animal your baby will enjoy playing with while in the bath.

Feeding items

Your baby will need to be fed around the clock. Until they grow into a habit it will be a lot of trial and error. You will need at least 3 feeding bottles to keep up with the rush when your baby is no more breastfeeding.

Keep in constant contact with your doctor to ensure you are feeding properly and also getting the right amount of nutrition yourself. It may take a while for you to get used to it and it can take a toll on your body itself so it is important to stay healthy for the sake of you and your baby.