Hoodies: A Must Have Wardrobe Element


We didn’t choose the hoodie life. The hoodie life chose us. Here are a couple of reasons why owning a hoodie is be the best thing ever.

A big warm hug

It’s no surprise that hoodies are a go to choose of outfit layering as the weather gets chilly and winter descends upon us.  The obvious reasons being, hoodies protect you from the cold and encompass you in a bubble of fuzzy warmth. 

Depending on how cold it is in the region that you live in, you get to control the layering of clothes under your hoodie. You could choose to go for more or none and still feel cosy and look great!

A trend that never dies

Hoodies trend from long ago and continue to trend in the long run with no finishing line.  Be it amongst CEOs, teachers or even students the comfort a hoodie holds are a comfort known to many! Of course, we can’t forget the celebrities who bring in new design concepts to hoodies and make it all the more exquisite.  Hoodies are a beloved choice of wear by everyone and the hype of owning a hoodie never dies.

Comfy jogging attire

Don’t you agree that hoodies make for a snug and not to mention easy attire for an early morning run or jog? All you need to do is slip it on over a pair of shorts or even leggings and head out that door for a much-needed exercise.

If you’re looking for comfy hoodies Australia has a variety of choices. However, those aren’t the only reasons why hoodies tend to be a good choice for exercising. The warmth of the hoodie helps you sweat more, which in turn helps you burn fat or calories at a better rate.  And the more you sweat, the better the workout.

Stamp that logo on

You could be on a sports team, a rock and roll band or even a mathlete club and have a uniformed hoodie sporting your logo or slogan on it! This look is no stranger to us. We see it among many schools, clubs or even companies where they personalize hoodies with their name on it. It makes for a united and cool appearance. You could even go ahead and personalize a hoodie for yourself!

Staying incognito

Owning a hoodie gives you the option to look casually cool and go incognito at the same time. Whether you’re just on a lazy run to the grocery and want to avoid human interaction or a celebrity trying to avoid the prying eyes of a paparazzi, all you got to do is flip that hood up, thrown in a pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go.

Hoodies are the perfect street wear on good or bad days. You can style it up or even style it down and still look great in them!  If you don’t own a hoodie, you’re missing out on the best wardrobe staple ever!