Starting a business is an exciting feeling, the thought of owning and running something on your own can bring be an amazing yet a daunting thing. Running a business is a huge responsibility, because it requires patience and hard work to carry out properly. Before even starting you have to come up with a plan of some sort to take on the business because starting a business with no plan or sight of the future can be very detrimental.

It is not an easy task but with proper plan, persistence and hard work you will be able to carry it out smoothly.


In most cases you have a plan to start a business because you have an idea. This is not the situation in all cases some only have an idea of starting a business but no idea of what they want to do, therefore first you have to think of that, take some time and think deeply what is it that excites you so much, what are your interests and passion, you can even do a little research on the market and see what people like. You can contact different people to help you with this can be your family or friends. Once you have listened to them you can find out what you like.

You may even have many ideas, but doing so many things at once at the beginning ca be disastrous so present these ideas you have to your family or friends and listen to their feedback. Afterwards think about it on your own and then decide what you want to do.

Another thing you can do is talk to people in this field, like other businessmen. Listen to their experience and advices and design a goal for yourself and work towards it.

Making a business plan

Once you have come up with an idea you have to make a plan, you can’t embark on a business right away. You have to think of many things like the finance for the business, what is your idea of bringing it to the people, what legal procedures should you carry out for the business, what about the place to carry out your business, what equipment would you need for the business. For example, if you want to start a bakery you would need Zoe’s Kitchen supplies, and labour and etc.


It’s difficult to start a business without capital, you need to have a solid capital before you can start a business, find ways to secure it. There are several banks that are ready to supportstart-ups you can get your capital from there, or you can try borrowing money from your family or friends and return it later.

How to reach customers

One thing you have in your mind when starting a business is how to reach customer, for this you would need to advertise your business properly, in today’s world everything has been made easier with social media you can promote through that as well as you can distribute fliers.