Tips You Should Know Before and After Buying Leather Shoes


Leather shoes are one of the shoes that can make you look stylish and sophisticated. But they are not the easiest to take care of. So, whether you are already an owner of leather shoes or planning to buy a new pair, there are some things that you need to know. Take a look at the following to see what they are.

Make Sure to Buy the Right Care Product

Every type of shoe has different care processes. This is the same for leather. And when it comes to leather shoes, there are also various types of leather shoes. Each of these needs different care tips and care products.

For example, smooth leather needs a different kind of leather shoe protector product than suede. So, if you are buying new shoes, make sure you also have the right product that you can clean it up with. If you already have an older pair that needs a little bit of polishing up, you can also get something like a pigmented leather conditioner to bring it back to its original colour.

Cleaning Tools

Just like cleaning products, the cleaning tools are also important. Leather may be one of the best materials out there for shoes, but they can wear off or get tears on the surface if you use harsh bristled brushes to clean them. Brushes with soft bristles such as nylon brushes or horsehair brushes are some of the best products. If you are just wiping the surface to make it smother or get rid of the dust, use a soft cloth instead of a coarse material.

Towel Dry

Try to keep your leather shoes out of the way of water as much as possible. They are not meant to be worn under wet conditions. But in case they do get wet, here is what you can do: towel dry the outside using a soft towel. Place newspaper inside the shoes to soak up the moisture that is trapped inside the shoe. Do not use hair dryers to speed up the process. Instead, let them dry naturally and slowly.

Waterproof Shoes

Although leather is not meant to be worn in wet condition, sometimes getting them wet is inevitable. You might have to walk certain distances without taking a vehicle under rainy weather or live in an area where your shoes get wet often. So, if you are buying new shoes made of leather and getting them wet is a concern, then try your best to purchase waterproof or water-resistant shoes.

Keep Away from Dust and Heat

When you are storing your shoes, there are some extra things you need to remember. You might have a separate place to store and organise them properly but this alone does not protect your shoes from heat and dust.

Make sure to store them in a place where they are not directly exposed to sunlight. Get dust bags to keep the dust away and shoes trees to maintain their shape.  If you have trouble finding dust bag, store them in the same box they came in.

The better you take care of them, the longer they last. So, make sure to remember these tips so you can keep wearing your favourite pairs of shoes for a long time.