We have heard the words high-end in reference to many things. It usually means expensive, well known and used by rich people. What differentiate high-end jewellery from mas made pieces are its value, style and uniqueness.

Therefore, the term high-end comes from the brand or company that classifies their jewellery pieces as different from commercial produced items.  This can be due to its price, value, weight of the brand name; reason to wear and place it is sold at. However, there are many other factors apart from just price that classify a jewellery brand as high end. Here are some of them.

The aesthetic

Jewellery is a statement in itself. Whether you are a minimalist and enjoy just a pair of diamond earrings to do the work for you or prefer a big, chunk statement necklace to turn heads, jewellery gives character to yourself and outfit. Therefore, the aesthetic of it is very important.

The aesthetic can only be determined by the craftsman and is usually what adds value to the piece. The colours, size, materials and vibe play a role in the aesthetic of it. It acts as a value addition and sometimes simply wearing a creation from a particular designer is high-end in itself. The aesthetic appeal is brought out by the designer and creates a brand and need for any piece of jewellery made by them.

Price of materials

Although when we see a pair of diamond studs or other precious stones, we assume it is important due to the stone being so exquisite. However, while this is true it is also due to the extraction and creating process that makes these pieces so high end. Diamond extraction is costly and time consuming therefore the price is also due to the effort taken to create a piece. The effort involved adds value to the beauty to the piece making it designer, high-end and overall expensive.


You cannot create a high-end jewellery brand if you do not know about jewellery. It is a true art and skill that cannot be acquired by everyone. The eye for creating unique pieces makes them valuable and it takes many years of learning to perfect it.

However, there are smaller brands such as Susan Shaw who design their own pieces individually. Each piece made is carefully curated personally to ensure quality, style, elegance and class. it takes a great eye and inspiration to create jewellery that you think will inspire others to wear it so the level of expertise is a massive value addition.

Brand name

People will only get to know about your brand only if others are happy with the product or service. Similarly, a high-end brand is created by the quality of their products but also level of service that makes them better than the rest. Well-known jewellery brands today are well established due to quality, service and their selling point, which has made them unique thereby giving themselves the chance to be considered high-end.