Just like our bedrooms, the bathroom is probably the next most important room in the house. There is a certain comfort that comes from having an easy to clean, pleasant to look at and conveniently placed bathroom. A bathroom cannot just be built anywhere in a house, there are certain criteria the space should have such as water supply, drainage and proximity.

However, once it is built, decorating or designing it is as exciting. Whether you are a minimalist who just requires a good showerhead, sink and commode to call it a bathroom some prefer to have a tub and even a miniature garden. Regardless of your bathroom designing needs and likes here are some things to consider when building it up.

Use fixtures that will last long

Not many redobathrooms unless they absolutely have to. So that means when you pick out your fixtures that is what is probably going to be used for the next decade or more, hence why you should choose wisely.

Daily wear and tear can take a toll on your fixtures especially things such as the shower, sink and commode. Discoloration, chipping and grim can ruin light coloured fixtures over the years and cause stains that are difficult to remove. Opt for darker shades so that it is concealed and looks classy.

Build thinking long term

If it is your own house, you will probably occupy it for a long time. Think of the long term when constructing especially your bathroom as old age and disability could affect you later on. Attach rails near the shower and toilet and use an anti slip rug underlay to prevent any falls. The bathroom’s floor tends to get wet and is a prime place for falls to take place. It might also be advisable to use tiles that are slip proof or rougher so that slippery floors can be reduced.

Keep things within reach

A bathroom tends to be the place where cupboards and drawers are sometimes out of reach. In certain cases, there may only be limited space allocated for storage of bottles, linen and amenities. Construct sufficient storage space that is preferably installed into the vanity. Instead of overhead cupboards that are difficult to reach, drawers provide sufficient storage space.

Have a big mirror

Regardless of who you are we all check ourselves out before we leave, therefore it is a must to have a big or floor length mirror in the bathroom. This helps for a number of different reasons such as applying makeup, checking out an overall appearance and as much as we do not admit it, a couple of mirror selfies.

Good lighting

No one likes a dark bathroom so install good lights or powerful blubs. It can be central light for the entire space or separate shades. Either way this helps especially when you are dressing as it makes the space look bigger in general. It also helps when taking your pictures.