Innovative Use for Music in This Modern World


Music has been around since the dawn of man. Even in the earliest artifacts from prehistoric records man has been akin to generate sound and create music for reasons that only he can appreciate. This places man higher than animals because of the ability to create, comprehend, and appreciate music like no other, it is not that animals cannot appreciate music it is just that man can appreciate it more on a deeper level.

Since then, music has been a companion of man in his journey and evolution into a more sophisticated creature. Since its first evidences in man’s existence music has become more complicated and has found its place in unique aspects of human life since then. Here are some of the most unique uses of music in our society today.


In man’s search for peace and stability in his chaotic existence in this modern age, we stumbled upon music as an unlikely friend in such state. Today we are blessed to have music incorporated in therapies for people who are in great need of help for their mental health and daily living adjustments and struggles.

Through music therapy people with anxiety has found the strength to keep their minds calm amidst trials and stressors. Music has also played significant roles in child therapy. Music has been of great help in this aspect. Some children with special needs are often made to listen to classical music while in their therapy to help them relax and loosen their rigid body and at the same time soften their involuntary control of their joints.


Music has also been incorporated into the educational system in which music is used to aid students in their learning development and growth processes. Through music little children can now have fun while learning, in incorporating beats and rhythm to the lessons, children can easily remember and memorize the lessons that were discussed in class.

Also, through music children with learning disabilities can now adjust properly to the class lessons because of the help of music in their classes. Some schools even incorporate educational percussion instruments in their classes to promote learning with their students.


Because music is great in moderating mood, it has been incorporated in the area of sports. Athletes now listen to upbeat music while practicing because it enhanced their mood thus prolonging their endurance and boosts their performance during practice and during official games. Music is also used to promote relaxation after the athletes finish a game.


In political machineries, songs are used as jingles by many politicians to promote their platform and their names to the public. It might not be a good gauge and judgment for their performance in their respective offices but it surely helps in making the people get familiar with their platforms. It also helps with the mnemonics of remembering them during the election time. Jingles such as these are not new since many advertisements promoting a product on television uses the same method for consumers to remember brand names.

There are many other areas where music is employed to help us. It just goes to say that music is an essential part of our lives.