Whether you have a big workplace for your team or a small home office, you need to have office items that can help perform your day-to-day tasks. The office items you need will depend on the nature of your business. Take note that no office is complete without office supply and equipment. So, take time to read this office items checklist to help you shop conveniently.


This is no-brainer. You need to invest in reliable computers, such as desktops and laptops. They’re the heart of every workplace these days. With a desktop or laptop, you can run a million-dollar business. In addition, they can help streamline office operations. As soon as you have them, install all the necessary software.


Teamwork is an important part of any business. In order to improve it, have a steady Wi-fi connection at your workplace. And doing so will make your employees well connected.


Stock up on stationery supplies, such as business cards, envelopes, notepads, and papers. For your stationery needs, have a look at stationery store Australia as they have everything you need that fit every budget.

First Aid Kit

Any workplace needs a well-stocked first aid kit. It needs to have adhesive tape, burn dressings, disposable nitrile gloves, eye wash, finger dressings, plasters, scissors, and tweezers, to name a few. There’s no mandatory list of items to include in a first aid box as it highly depends on what your company needs. For example, a restaurant first aid kit needs to have burn gel dressing and foil blanket. Meanwhile, a construction first aid kit needs to have eye baths and saline solution.


Include a refrigerator in your workplace as it will allow your employees to store food and beverages. If you’re WFH and you can’t afford to have one, have a mini-fridge instead. It’s more affordable than a refrigerator and it’s ideal for small spaces.

External Storage

Splurge on external storage to keep your files and documents safe. Be sure to do backup often to avoid losing data that can negatively affect your business. They can be connected to other devices easily, too.

Writing Tools

When it comes to writing tools, have erasers, highlighters, markers,

pencils, pens, and sharpeners. Markers are the best tools when writing in boards during meetings.

Office Furniture

Your workplace will never feel like one if you don’t have office furniture. Acquire ergonomic office chairs and desks as they lower the risk of an accident or injury. In terms of office chair, it has to suit your body size.


Proper lighting is indispensable in any home or office space. An excellent source of lighting is the sun’s natural light as it boosts mood and productivity. However, it may not be possible at times, especially if you’re renting an office space. So, buy artificial lights that can give off similar effect as the former.


To always keep your office clean and organized, you need some storage equipment, like shelves. They can help you sift through files and documents so you know where to find them.

Don’t forget to incorporate office décor to create a more pleasant setting for you and your employees.