The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Conference for Work


Planning a conference for work can be very hard. The below points would make things easier for you. Keep reading.


Conferences can be very expensive. That’s why you should create a budget month in advance.

If money is going to be an issue, you can try and work with sponsors. They would grant you the cash in exchange for advertisements. Make sure that you reach out to the right sponsors, though. Some may be more interested in working with you than others.


What activities would take place? You need to make the event tempting enough for many people to visit. Cherry-pick the speakers. To get the most attention, one of the speakers should be a major name in the industry.

Of course, note how you’ll be paying them. The more famous the name you’ll be hiring, the more money you’ll have to spend.


A proper agenda for the conference needs to be created. It would show visitors what they can expect if they visit. Release it way ahead of the event.

If you place all the major activities on the first day, the likelihood of people leaving after that would be high.


Choose the right venue. It would set the mood for the event as looks are important. Why not change things up and go for a space that is semi-outdoors? If you’re interested in these types of conference venues Echuca has many.

Make sure that the space can fit everyone. Also make note of how much you’d have to pay for the booking. Larger hotels tend to the cost the most. You’ll be charged depending on how many hours you want the hall(s) for.


The space you book for the reception would offer catering. But this might not always be the case. When choosing venders for food, try and get a diverse array of options. You might have people that are vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian visiting. It’s also important that the company be able to handle the logistics of such a large affair.

When deciding on the food, keep in mind that lunch usually runs for an hour and coffee breaks stretch from 15-20 minutes.

Set a Date

Just like how planning in advance would let you set the perfect budget, you’d be able to set a release a date so that people can mark their calendars. The event would be for working individuals, so they would be very busy. It’s great letting them know months if not a year ahead.

Be wise with the days you set. If there is a public holiday next to a weekend in the future, why not have the event then?

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, there definitely is a lot that has to be considered before planning a conference. Plan in advance so that you can set the perfect budget and give people that want to visit enough time to mark their calendars. Cherry pick who you’ll be getting to speak – you want some large names to attract the most people.