The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Motorcycle


It’s hard saying goodbye to a vehicle you’ve owned for years. However, it may be time to sell your motorcycle. The below points would help you do this.

Allow Test Rides

When people are interested in the vehicle, they would want to know if it is in superb condition. No matter how good the motorcycle looks, they won’t be able to do this unless they test drive it. Don’t be wary about this – let them try it out.

By encouraging users to test-drive, more would be interested, as you’d be confident in the vehicle’s abilities.


You must see a mechanic. He would be able to list any faults in the bike. Buyers would assess the unit carefully, making note of any problems that might be present. This could drive your asking price to the ground. Moreover, repair shops would tend to the bike to get it ready for sale – they would paint its exterior and possibly apply a paint sealant; it would look fantastic.

Sell Gadgets

What tools, equipment, and parts do you have lying around for the motorcycle? If it’s something like a fork rebuild kit, sell it along with the vehicle. For one, you could charge more. And you’d differentiate yourself from other sellers. Just make sure that you don’t include everything for a price that is too low or high.

Have Your Paperwork

You want buyers to have the easiest possible time working with you. Whatever type of vehicle you’re selling, get all of the paperwork ready beforehand. If someone is interested in the unit, knowing that all of the paperwork is ready would make working with you tempting, as things would go swiftly.

An Extensive Ad

To get people interested in the motorcycle, you might have placed an advertisement online. Be mindful of the information you included; it needs to cover the full extent of the bike’s history, condition, and price.

Be specific with your words. You could make the motorcycle seem more tempting to buy than it is. More people would flock to you, which is what you want.

In line with this, you’ll have to shoot an array of photos. They would give prospective buyers a good idea of what they’ll be working with.

Choose the Right Spot

Where will the exchange take place? Do yourself a favour and have it in front of a local police station. Anyone who is nefarious would not show up. Additionally, security camera footage would be plenty and you could get an officer to go through the title transfer if you are kind enough.

Final Thoughts

Let’s summarize everything that was mentioned. There is quite a bit to keep in mind before selling a motorcycle. The most important would be to advertise the unit well – you’ll have to include a detailed description of its condition and history, as well as good quality pictures. If you’re very creative with your words, you’ll get a lot of people interested in what you have to offer.