Understanding the Wedding Veil Length that Suit You the Best


How do you choose the perfect wedding veil for you? Especially when there are many kinds of lengths, designs and styles out there. For most brides, choosing the ideal wedding veil is a hard choice, especially when they don’t know much about the different choices and what they can add to the overall wedding attire. To make things easier when you are shopping for your big day, read the following types of veils and their unique features.

Bird-Cage Veil

This is the shortest form of the veil styles. They cover just your eyes and fall over the nose or the jawline. Bird cage designs are known for its flirty and stylish look. If you prefer something more stylish and less traditional and less of a hassle, then this is something you can try. This will especially go well with short wedding dresses than the traditional princess long dresses.

Short Veils

If you like to have a short veil; something that would make it easier when you dance and move around, pick a shorter length. For example, the blusher veil or the wedge veil is a great choice. The lusher is pulled back to reveal the bride during the ceremony which makes it perfect if you want to have a romantic and moving touch to the ceremony.

However, if you want a short veil that is more traditional, you can opt for a shoulder length veil. They only reach your shoulders and therefore will not take the attention away from your dress.

Mid-Length Veils

If you are not a fan of the bird cage or even short veils, then you can try a veil style that is more mid-length. An elbow veil, as the name suggests, would reach your elbow. If you want the wedding attire to be covered up but do not like a shrug then an elbow length veil can help you do the same. Another choice for you who like the design to be mid-length is the fingertip veil. Fingertip veils are those that fall beyond your hips and reach your fingertips.

Long Veils

For the brides who are looking for the classic wedding look, then here are the options. If you are someone who wants a longer veil but not a one that is too long or too heavy for you, a knee length veil is the best choice.

A waltz/ ballet veil will help you dance and move around freely, especially if you love to keep the veil even after the reception and during the dancing. But if you do not like a waltz veil and have no worries about the veil inferring your movements, then you can try the typical floor length veil. These are the ones that are designed to match the length of your dress.

If you want to add a little extra flair, then you can opt for lengths that reach beyond the length of the dress. A chapel veil is something that reaches a little beyond the dress length and sweeps across the floor. But what if you want to have a true princess moment? Then cathedral wedding veils are the ones you should look for. They extend even beyond the train of the dress and will let you have the most dramatic entrance.

Think of your likes and dislikes when you choose the veil. But also remember to think of the practical side and how comfortable you would be in a particular design before choosing it.