6 of the Best Car Modifications


There are thousands of modifications you could make to your car. To make things easier for you, we discussed the best. Why don’t you read ahead?

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs in your car may not be that great. They may have trouble firing – the max speed you’ll be able to reach would be affected. New plugs would also make the speeds you’ll reach more reliable.

As the new plugs would work much better than the older ones, carbon emissions would be reduced. And fuel wouldn’t be wasted. Whether you’re an environmentalist or not, you’d appreciate less strain on the environment.

Exhaust System

Let’s talk about the fuel you’ll be burning again. You might have to modify your exhaust system. Unfortunately, the one in your car may be old and clogged. A new one would have a wider diameter, so you’ll be able to pump out more gas, helping with acceleration.

Compared to spark plugs, exhaust systems are more expensive. By being wise about the store you’ll be working with, you could save cash. Large sites like performanceheaven.com.au are great choices.

Turbo Charger

Turbo chargers are modifications that are becoming more popular. If you’re serious about trying to increase speed, you’d take the leap. A turbocharged vehicle would be able to produce more power as more fuel would be burned in a second.

Depending on the one you pick up, the energy burned could increase by 20-40%. As you can imagine, the more expensive ones provide the biggest boosts.

Exhaust Wraps

So far, all of the modifications discussed help with your vehicle’s speed. This is true for exhaust wraps as well. The wraps would provide a layer of heat protection – there would be a reduction in temperature in the exhaust system. Your engine would be more efficient, as there wouldn’t be heat leaving the header.

Compared to the other things you could do, the wraps aren’t the most popular.


It might be time to get yourself a new set of wheels. No matter how much you’d be polishing the wheels’ rims, they may not look like they used to. If you want your vehicle to look like a million bucks, new rims are needed.

While you’re at it, why don’t you get new tires? Depending on how big they are and their traction, you’d glide across the road.

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)

Let’s talk about your tires again. Tire Pressure Monitoring systems are the best. You’d know if your tires are full of too much air. This would help you avoid them bursting on the road. You’d also know if they’d deflate while driving.

Final Thoughts

Let’s summarize everything discussed so far. There are many things you could do with your car. A lot of the modifications would increase speed. From the things you could do, the best would be to add a turbo charger. The speed you’d be able to achieve would be immense. And fuel use would be efficient, so you wouldn’t have to worry about wastage.