How to Be Ready for Winter


The changes in the climate affect your daily lifestyle. Some prefer winter, who doesn’t enjoy building a snowman? While some prefer the typical sunny day. However, each season requires one to adjust accordingly.

For instance, dehydration and heat stroke are common during summers, so one must take necessary liquid intakes to avoid these problems. Likewise, below mentioned is the situation in winter. 

Why is it important to wear warm clothes in cold weather? 

Over the years, it is believed that going out in the cold can cause one to catch a cold. This has been a common misconception that chilled weather can cause one to catch a cold. Truth to tell, whether you go out or stay indoors, cold weather does not help the viruses or flu to spread. Therefore, it is very unlikely to catch a cold because of the decrease in temperature. It is possible to be infected by a virus or flu through various other forms of transmissions.

However, there are other health issues one can face in cold weather. The biggest health risk is triggered by under-dressing in freezing weather. The common issues are hypothermia and frostbites- which can result in lowering one’s immune system. Both these risks are dangerous, and especially in this pandemic, one must maintain a proper immune system. 

What is frostbite?

Due to the cold atmosphere, the skin and tissues underneath start to freeze when exposed directly to the low temperature. Hence, this condition is called frostbite. 

What is hypothermia?

Hypothermia is a medical condition that occurs when the body loses its heat rapidly than it can produce. Hence, this unbalance process can cause lifelong impacts in one’s life. 

How to dress for winters?

Whether it is winter coats for women, or gloves or sweaters, there are sufficient winter clothing options that will suit your style. Therefore, it is advised to be adequately dressed according to the temperatures. Hence, there are layers of winter clothing to match the temperatures, from bearable to extreme. Below mentioned is a simplified way to be reasonably dressed that can help you deal with the chilly climate. 

What are the layers of winter clothing?

Layer one

It is the first most material that is intact with your skin. Therefore, it is ideal to choose a thin fabric, which is more breathable. This would allow removing moisture and keep the region dry. 

Layer two

It is the layer of shielding. The mid-layer is the important one, as it traps the air and prevents your body heat from escaping. Hence, to ensure perfect insulation, wool is an ideal fabric. For example, wool coats or sweaters- perfectly trap the warmth for the body. Henceforth, one can add more layers of these warm items of clothing if required. 

Layer three

The outer layer protects the first two- therefore, one should think of it as a shell. It is the solution to protect you and the warming fabrics from rain or wind. 

Besides these three essential layers, you can wear gloves and socks to keep you warm.