Must-Have Craft Stash for Any Crafty Project


Whether you are an amateur or a long-time crafter, there are so many cool craft supplies in store for you. But there is a big amount that you may consider nice to have and in less use. If you are new to crafting then here are some of the tools you must have for any project you wish to take on:


While this may have been an obvious choice without this article itself, there are a few things you need to consider when picking out this tool. Look for a pair of scissors that have a sharp blade and comfortable handles. Having comfortable handles if especially important if your project involves long hours cutting up paper, fabric or any other material. Purchase multiple scissors designed for various purchases to keep your blades from going blunt quickly.

Glue gun

A glue gun is essential to pin down a lot of things. It works well on both paper and fabric. Go for a lower temperature gun if the material you are using has a higher tendency to melt under a high heat and choose a glue gun of higher temperature for a fast dry and stronger bond. You can buy craft supplies using Afterpay.

Drawing pencils

Sketching your idea is the basic start for many of the arts and craft projects. Therefore, it is important for you to have a set of drawing pencils that help you create an artistic plan. You can stick to some general drawing pencils if your project does not include drawing directly. However, if you are an artist then purchase a variety of them to obtain the right thickness of lines and shading.


You never know when you might need one. While it is mostly used for paints, it also comes in handy when you are using glue and such materials. You can also purchase a few in case a future project ends up requiring some painting.

Craft Knife

While scissors are effective in cutting up materials, a craft knife comes in handy when you require further precision. You can use them to create paper art but they are also quite useful when it comes to cutting up clay and when model building where scissors aren’t a choice to be used.


Sometimes inspiration strikes at random moments. It is best to have a sketchbook where you could draw down these plans that might come in handy for the current or future projects. There are different kinds of sketchbooks so choose one based on how you would most likely end up using it.

Washi tape

This is a special Japanese paper tape that comes in attractive colors and designs. It can come in use for a variety of projects such as adding accents to objects used often. They are a great decorating tool so keep them in store for when you need that extra funky touch to your project.

With these supplies in hand, you can take on several projects. Combine these tools with your amazing creativity and you are bound to get some satisfied customers.