Reasons why a professionally made video is the key to growth of your business


Whether you are starting up your own business or if you are looking for a boost for marketing so that everyone will have a good idea on what your business does and why they need to reach out for you.

Whether you are telling your story or if you are trying to create a marketing campaign where all of the audience will understand what your business is and have them remember your business is to work with video content. With the right video content, you can speak directly to the heart of those who are watching your videos. Video content does a lot more in helping a business reaching out for its success through steady growth. In this article we will talk about why you should scale brand with video:

Better engagement

One of the key things about having video content in the in your website or in your marketing campaign is that it will bring about better engagement from the public. Even though using text and images are also a great way to give an idea about what your business says or to pass on any kind of message, videos on to be much more effective in terms of audience engagement.

This is because a video with keep them engaged with pleasant sounds and videography unlike when reading a text where a person can easily be distracted. It is a known fact that using video content is the right way to bring about better audience engagement that would deliver a successful message.

Pass on a clear message

Experts say that using videos in order to pass on the message is much more effective than when you are using image or text. It has been shown in studies that 95% of the people who watch a video will remember its content in comparison to the 10% of the people who remember what they read.

If you want to pass on a serious message that would help the audience understand your business better and what you do, getting a video professionally made in order to successfully deliver this message is the best option that you have. You can also use images and text in this campaign as well but it is best that you prioritise a video.

Best for mobile phones

Most of the internet uses these days will browse the internet or use social media on the phone. It has been shown that 90% of those who watched videos on the internet use their phone to do so. This means that when you marketing your business through video content, it is a great way for you to bring about great success to your video content and the message that you are trying to pass from it as it will target mostly the mobile users.

Create successful email marketing campaigns

Having a video content included on your email marketing campaigns will increase the chances of being opened rather than when you are having texts.