Maximizing Your Use of The Portable Toilet


Portable toilets or portalets have numerous uses especially if you would be renting one for events. You would not want your guests to be inconvenienced by waiting in a queue to do their business. You also would not have to worry about cleaning your personal restroom after all the guests is gone since they would be using the portable toilet and not the one inside your home. Organizing an outdoor event would also require that you provide an adequate restroom facility for all the attendees.

Since there are numerous uses for a portable toilet, it’s not surprising that renting one would of course, cost a significant amount of money, they are worth it after all. But, fret not, since there are numerous ways, you could do to maximize the use of the portable toilet that you just rented.

Rent one you could haul yourself

One of the ways you could get your money’s worth when renting a portable toilet is by using them not just for one event. When you go look for a portable toilet to hire, look for one that you could haul yourself and you would not need to call for a mover or for the supplier to move the portable toilet to your next event. The portable toilet could be at your charity event in the morning then at your kid’s little league sporting event in the evening. You would not have a hard time looking for easily hauled portable toilet hire in Melbourne since there are numerous suppliers offering one.

Ask for complimentary accessories

When you start your research about the best portable toilet to hire, you would be surprised at the numerous types and variations of portable toilets available. This is actually done by the providers and suppliers to be able to provide a portable toilet depending on the renter’s budget. There are “no fuss” portalets, simple ones that does the job of accommodating the users’ business.

But perhaps you could ask the supplier to throw in some complimentary accessories such as a sink, a mirror, a hand sanitizer, a non-slip mat or an interior lighting. Or if they would not be able to lent them to you for free, ask if you could get a discount instead if you would avail of all the adornments. With these accessories, you managed to make your guests more comfortable for free or for a little additional fee.

Choose a spacious portable toilet

You have to keep in mind that the portable toilet you provide to your guests is suitable for everyone. Choosing a spacious one would ensure that even the guests with disabilities would be accommodated. With this, you would not have to hire another portable toilet since the one that you have will suit the needs of all the guests especially if the event you are hosting is for a few guests only and hiring two portable toilets is excessive.

When we buy or rent something, we want to be able to use and enjoy it for its intended purposes and more. With the above-mentioned tips, you would not have to worry about getting back your money’s worth when you hire a portable toilet.