Packaging: The Impact on Consumers


We live in a world where shopping from physical stores is going out of trend, and in contrast, shopping online is becoming the norm. There are high chances that we have received at least a parcel in our lifetime from the online web stores.

With this ever-growing change in the business world, many businesses are now adopting the online model. And more and more users are completely shifting to buying online. 

Many buyers tend to be disappointed by the delivery, as they receive damaged packages. This is the result of business owners overlooking the importance of packaging. Thus, the risk of goods getting damaged at the transit rises, leading to unhappy end customers. 

Here are a few reasons why proper packaging is essential:

  1. They say the first impression is last. Customers usually form their impression of the brand within seconds. Then it is hard to divert it. For instance, word of mouth regarding a damaged good received from your business can drop your sales by a greater percentage. Hence, losing your potential customers even before interacting with the business.
  2. According to research, nearly about 10% of the customers consider packaging as important as the brand. 
  3. A survey proves online business owners and retail stores who pay close attention to the packaging see an increasing spike of 30% in the consumer’s interest. Thus, overall leading to more customer interaction with the brand, resulting in higher sales. 
  4. Approximately, 85% of e-Commerce businesses, all across the globe send orders in cardboard packages.
  5. Nearly 52% of online buyers who receive their orders in custom packages tend to go back to the same online retailers for future purchases. Hence, this highlights how powerful personalization is even in packaging. Therefore, Box Fox Australia works together with numerous e-Commerce and local businesses to cater to their customized requirements. Be it standard packaging or a unique design of your own brand-they strive to bring the expected customization. 

Why is packaging so crucial in the eCommerce world?

According to the facts mentioned above, we can understand how packaging is perceived by consumers. A business that thoughtfully plans its packaging will have a greater light of success. Packaging directly impacts brand values, for instance, choosing to have eco-friendly packaging will have a greater influence on the consumers. Hence, bringing out the brand to more audiences. Likewise, poor packaging will create a negative impact.

As it is, online purchasing behaviour is different from offline. Buyers tend to read reviews and listen to word of mouth before considering to even make a purchase. Hence, the quality of the product and the quality of the packaging is crucially significant. Sid that, it is essential to use cost-effective packaging solutions. 

As mentioned above, brown, unbranded cardboards have been a common packaging material. Yet, they do not help to make a good impression. It is perceived as a dull and regular form of packaging– meaning the brand has put no thoughts behind the packaging. Besides that, these cardboard boxes can easily be damaged if not sealed securely.