Ways to Use Custom Doormats to Promote Your Business


First impressions are important in every business. It could make or break your image to potential customers and could even affect your sales and performance. Advertising is one way to expand the reach of your business. From traditional ways such as TV ads and flyers, to digital methods like email marketing and social media, there are so many ways to promote your business and gain more customers.

Another good way to promote your business is through the use of custom door mats. Aside from promoting your brand, it also helps in creating a good first impression to anyone who walks into your store. Here are some of the different ways you could use custom doormats to promote your business.

Market Your Brand

The Custom commercial door mats are more than just for welcoming your customers. It also helps market your logo and brand to anyone that sees it. You could print your company logo in the mat and place it on the entrance of your shop to make people aware of your brand presence. You could also feature a certain product on the custom mat to attract more customers.

Market Your Business’ Message

Many people base their choice on what they see. For instance, when they are choosing for a good shop, most likely they will opt for the one with the most presentable and appealing setup. Custom doormats help a lot in the aesthetics of your storefront. Aside from the decorations and setup, you could enhance the reception by welcoming incoming people with a presentable logo mat. Be sure to have a professional-looking design to make a statement without overpowering the space.

Create Personality to Your Business

Regular mats are often neutral coloured and most likely don’t suit the colour scheme your brand is using. Mostly, regular rugs are just available in plain neutral colours and would be boring to put in your storefront. With a custom doormat, you can choose the colour that you want and style the print depending on what you want it to be. You can let the doormat speak the personality of your business by itself through the colours and design.

Just the Right Size and Shape

Common doormats are usually available in regular shapes such as rectangular, square, or circle. It’s hard to find other shapes apart from those unless if you’re going to cut it which could go wrong and even damage the rug. There are also some cases when standard rug sizes don’t fit what you need for your store. With custom doormats, you can choose the right size that fits perfectly for what you need and even get the shape that you want no matter how unusual it may be.

No matter what business you have, having a couple of custom doormats would definitely help a lot not only in the aesthetics of your store but also in promoting your business in a subtle and budget-friendly way. Be creative and style the doormat that perfectly reflects your brand.