Spring Cleaning Tips to Convert a House into a Home


Spring cleaning is the traditional cleaning process that occurs in most homes to freshen up the house for the long seasons of spring and summer that follow the extremely cold winter. It may seem like a huge task but by sorting out what needs to be done and breaking down the work in to chunks, spring cleaning can actually become enjoyable.

Here are some tips to dusting up the house and making it warm and homey again:

Make a spring-cleaning check list

During winter you probably spend most of your time indoors close to the fire pit to get away from the bitter cold weather. Once you have stayed in for that long, there is bound to be a lot of cleaning and de-cluttering that will have to happen. You may not know where to start from. Just think of everything you need to do and make a list; it would be easier to check off the list one by one than remembering that you missed something when you finally sit down.

Clean room by room

Cleaning room by room is the most effective way of spring cleaning. If you were to do cleaning from room to room it becomes easier for you as well. When making your spring-cleaning checklist, make one for each room for a more effective deep clean.

Organize the clutter

Spring cleaning is not only dusting the visible surfaces, it also includes organizing all the clutter in your house. You can organize the clutter into keep, store, give away and trash. You can host a yard sale with the clutter that falls under ‘give away’ for some extra bucks. Your home will feel more spacious once you get this done.

Don’t forget about the windows

During the winter pollen, dust and dirt can get in to your window sills. It is very noticeable when your windows are dirty so you can get a good window cleaning service in Ballarat from time to time to keep those windows dirt-free.

Get everyone to carry their own weight

Distribute the tasks equally among the members of your family. Assign age-appropriate jobs and get everyone involved so you can get the cleaning done at a faster pace. You can get the younger children involved by introducing a reward scheme for every task they complete.

Clean the showers

Even the bathrooms need to undergo a deep clean during the seasonal change. You can equip your bathroom with a squeegee or a dish wand and some cleaning liquid to scrub the walls, shower heads and taps.

Implement new cleaning habits

There may have been certain tricks you learned from the last spring clean-up that could make your task easier and more effective. Include these new habits while you are cleaning up your house as well. You may pick up some new habits this time around as well so keep them in mind for next time.

Even if you plan a simple clean up or an entire house sweep, you should not only limit it to cleaning. If you need to de-clutter the house, then do so. If you want to change up the positions of the furniture, then do so. Take this opportunity to convert your house in to a home you love.