How to Prepare a Relaxing Kava Tea


Kava has made a huge comeback in the most popular health supplements. Taking kava has been proven to give a lot of health benefits especially in stress and anxiety. There are plenty of ways to take kava as a supplement but the most popular method is by making a kava tea.

There is actually no right or wrong method in making kava tea as long as you get all the goodness of its extract from the roots. Keep in mind that only the root part should be used to make kava tea; the other parts shouldn’t.

There are two common ways in making a relaxing kava tea – the traditional way and the instant method. Read along and try out to see which preparation type suits your preferences.

Traditional Preparation

The traditional preparation closely resembles how kava tea is prepared by indigenous people in the Pacific islands. However, instead of using unprocessed kava roots, you could use quality kava ground for this process. First, you’ll need to prepare quality kava root ground, strainer bag, large bowl, warm water and a weighing scale.

Use the kitchen scale to measure the right amount of kava ground you’ll need depending on the dosage. After measuring, pour it into the strainer bag, seal it and place it on the bowl. Slowly add some warm water into the bowl. The amount of water depends on how strong you want your kava tea – less water means stronger tea.

Let the bag steep for 5 minutes so the kava ground absorbs the water. After steeping, let all the goodness of those kava roots out into the water by kneading the bag gently. Do it for about 10 minutes to get the most of it. Once you’re done, your kava tea is now ready to serve. You could drink it plain or add some sweeteners such as honey to improve the taste.

Shaker Bottle Preparation

The traditional preparation takes more time than other ways because of the kneading process. However, if you don’t have much time to spare in preparation yet still want to experience the goodness of kava tea, you could try the easy shaker bottle preparation. All you need is a shaker cup with a strainer ball to place the kava ground in, high quality kava roots ground, and warm water.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare your tea. Just measure the kava ground and put it in the strainer ball. Drop the strainer ball into the shaker bottle and add your desired amount of warm water. Cover and shake it for about 10 minutes to get all those kavalactones out. After shaking, your kava tea is now ready to drink. It is less time consuming and also less messy to do than the traditional method.

No matter which method you follow, you could experience the same goodness and health benefits offered by kava tea. You could even try out other ways until you find one that suits your taste the most.