Why Is Prior Building Inspection Needed?


Have you ever moved into a new house, settled down and then realized the bathroom pipe leaks? This is a classic example of what happens when prior inspection to a building is not carried out before moving in. An inspection is usually before a building or commercial property is bought, and it helps to identify if there are any problems with the property.

It not only identifies structural issues but also general problems such as rodents or termites. The inspection covers all the areas of the property so that the result will be able to tell you if moving in or purchasing the property is worth it. If that is not reason enough to get an inspection done, here are a few reasons to convince you.

For price negotiation

An inspection will give you a clear understanding about the pros and cons of the property. It also acts as a determinant of the price. Therefore, when an inspection is carried and any issues or structural faults are identified you can use this to lower the price. The more problems or lacks that a property has can be used as reasons to further bring down the price.

Avoid being given wrong information

It can very difficult to trust people especially when it comes to properties and housing. Many try to see their properties without informing the potential owners about flaws in the building. Therefore, the new owners are completely unaware of the problems when they make the purchase only to find out about them when it’s too late.

In order to avoid to this problem, it is mandatory to get an inspection done. If you are looking for certified new home and building inspections in Melbourne there are quite a few companies that have professionals to carry out inspections.

How wiring is done

Structural inspections are important but wiring inspections are equally as important. New houses can have state of the art fixtures and interiors but if the wiring is done wrong it could end up in flames…literally. Having a wiring inspection eliminates the risk of shorting fuses and wires. The inspection will also ensure that no property with faulty wiring is put on the market for purchasing.

Evaluation of external properties

Some houses and even commercial properties come with other external structures such as sheds, annexes and separate storerooms. The inspection will not only be carried out in the main property but also in these external structures. The steadiness, piping and wiring of the properties are inspected to ensure they abide by necessary regulations.

Identification of unsafe areas

There will always be certain areas in the house that are not as safe as the others. Maybe it is the material the roof is built or a section that is prone to be affected by bad weather. The inspection will able to let you know which areas you will need to reinforce and look out for.

An inspection is basically a test drive before buying a car is extremely important.