Tax law which is also known as the revenue law is important when dealing with an economy. Tax law includes many aspects such as statutory laws, common law, constitutional provisions, regulatory tax rules, tax treaties in order to form a set of laws required to monitor taxation.

The main job of a tax attorney is to keep updated with the various tax related issues either for the government or individuals and handle the tax regulations to make sure that such organizations adhere to the relevant laws and regulations with regard to their property, income and profits. So here are some of the major options you have as a tax attorney.

Going Global

Every country as well as every corporation is more conscious of the tax laws and regulations because those are unavoidable. With the development of the economies along with globalization, international law of taxation now holds an important place in economic and business activities.

Large corporations hire tax attorneys who are specialized in international tax law in order to deal with domestic organizations that seek to make investments overseas. Such attorneys are also capable of providing the necessary knowledge on local revenue to foreign investors. So,pursuing your career in international tax laws is a god option for you if you are interested.

Law Firms

Tax lawyers are required in every law firm because law firms like any other corporation are subjected to tax regulations. They mainly deal with tax controversies and guide the firm throughout the process regarding tax related issues.

Consultation Firms

Including a tax attorney in the team of advisors for a client is becoming more common now because ensuring the companies comply with the tax laws plays an important role in precise planning. However, some tax attorneys tend to provide tax related advice instead of practicing tax law and therefore the role of the tax attorney can vary from one company to another.


You can also consider working as a tax attorney for the government. Such attorneys undertake all tax related matters whether civil or criminal on behalf of the government. Moreover, you could also get the opportunity to participate in drafting legislative tax policies if you work for the government.


Lecturing is also a good career option for a tax attorney. You will have access to ample opportunities as well as sufficient resources to conduct researches and also participate in drafting laws. The scope of taxation is wider at present and therefore there are more career opportunities you can consider as a tax attorney. Search as legal recruitment services in the tax space and you will find particular entities that have been formed in order to help those who seek to pursue their career in tax law.

These are just a few common career opportunities available for tax attorneys. The field of law of taxation is more diverse than other law fields and tax regulation is not something that can be overlooked in the current economies. Therefore, search more and try to find out more opportunities so that you can choose the option that suits you the best.