How do you increase the productivity of your employees? How to get them have more engagement in workplace activities and show interest in finishing their assignments with the intended outcomes? If your workplace is lacking the interest to perform tasks well or doesn’t really meet their end goals, there can be many reasons behind it.

The general workplace stress, anxiety or health issues, lack of motivation, and even a burnout after longer period of stressful work with no appreciation or holidays could be some of the reasons.  In order to avoid such occurrences, there are incentive ideas that you can try at the workplace. Keep reading to find out some of the incentive ideas that can bring back employee interest at work.


Recognition and rewards are one of the easiest and low-cost incentive ideas. Sometimes all your team needs are you seeing the hard work they put in, and letting them know that you see their effort. You can do this in many ways.

Thank them personally for the successful completion of the latest assignment. Recognise and appreciate them in the next meeting where everyone else in the office will also see their efforts. Rewards don’t have to be too big or too fancy all the time. It could be a simple thank you note to a small after-office party to a dinner with your team.

Professional Development

The skills of your team are your best tools. But over time, skills also need improving and updating. Why not give your team a chance at developing their professional skills at the office itself? You can start your own learn and development program in the office or get the help of an outside agency to train your team. Investing in their career development will be a huge gift for them in return of the good work they do. It is going to be beneficial for them as well as the company in the long run.

Health and Wellness

You can also invest in employee health and wellness by introducing a wellness program for them. Bad health can make the employees unable to perform their best or simply make them lethargic at work. A wellness program can help to improve their health habits such as exercising, good diets and mental relaxation habits.

You can also introduce more health practices to the workplace environment such as free healthy lunches or a healthy lunch day per week, introducing ergonomic furniture such as standing work tables, mental health days at work and rewards for those who meet their fitness goals.

Tuition Assistance

Education and learning new skills have become something that people value more and more. No longer are they stopping their education the moment they find a job. Instead, people are willing to get more knowledge that can help their careers in future. You can offer a tuition reimbursement for employees who want to educate themselves further, appreciate their educational milestones and consider their newest educational qualifications for upcoming positions and promotions.

Bonuses, Raises and Gifts

Bonuses and pay raises based on either team performance or even personal performance is a great way to improve employee engagement. But make sure your criteria for this kind of rewards recognise multiple talents – organisation, creativity, team work, punctuality etc. – and not just one.

Otherwise, your efforts might come across as favouritism. Make sure to balance your rewards. You can also give them fun gifts through entertainment activities. Organise things such as contests or quizzes and reward their participation in such activities. Improving their teamwork and social skills are as much as important as their professional skills.

Remember that if you do not reward your team for the work they do, they will lose their motivation to work. Giving recognition and rewards when it is due is important.