The place where you are organising our next birthday party or the office function does not have to be the same old reception hall or backyard if you have a more unique place to do it. Instead of the traditional places, you can switch it in to a more interesting place, somewhere that not many people tend to throw events at. Take a look at the following unique ideas to see where you can have your next big event.

Parking Garages

Parties and events held at parking spaces are not anymore uncommon. But have you ever tried the top of a parking garage? Most parking garages have the top level that gives you the perfect view of the skyline, making it look like you are having a grand rooftop party. The benefit of a garage is that the parking is already available for the party or the event guest. As long as you get the permission to hold your party, you will be good to go.


If your event is an exhibition or a display, there is nothing perfect than an art gallery with enough space to display and showcase talent. However, you do not have to wait for an exhibition to hire gallery. Galleries come with enough space; a space design crew as well as the aesthetic vibe that can help you put together the perfect event. Research and learn more about function venues in the South Yarra area to find some good gallery specs close to you.

Vacant Spaces

These might look spooky when no one is occupying them but they provide on the of the most unique event spaces. If you plan to have a night of music, games and dancing, this the perfect place. Most of the vacant buildings or warehouses do not really belong to any authority which also saves your time and trouble of getting permission. Instead, you will have enough empty space, graffiti that would serve as the perfect wall art and the perfect aesthetic that would look amazing in photos.


This might look like a far-fetched idea but bear with us. If the attendees are alright with a little bit of travel, and if you manage to get permission of the managing body of the venue, then why not? If you are planning a wedding or a gala, why not make it a little more fairy-tale like and choose a castle for your venue? In fact, for a destination wedding this is going to be more unique than the traditional beaches and gardens.


Barns are a space that is often hired for weddings because of the rustic aesthetic it provides which makes it easy to decorate them perfectly for a country-side wedding.  But have you ever thought of hiring a barn for something other than a wedding? What about your company‚Äôs next product launch or next office dinner? Give your attendees a change of scenery with a unique venue. Instead of the over-the-top dinners at a fancy hotel, a barn will have a more relaxed and a fun atmosphere.

So, the next time you are looking for a venue, try one of these places. However also remember to think of other factors as the number of attendees, parking space, decoration and getting electricity so your guests will not be inconvenienced.