The workplace is one that benefits from peace and harmony, however complaints about the behavior of various employees is an issue that all entrepreneurs or top-level managers will have to face at some point. And though the reasons that warrant an investigation can be extremely varied, there are a few that occur with more frequency than others. If you are a business owner or manager who wishes to know how to best approach such situations, visit Core Integrity for comprehensive answers and explanations on how to take steps forward. Here are a few common causes for workplace investigations.


Harassment is something that can take on many forms, it may come in the form of sexual harassment, where the privacy or peacefulness of the workplace is tainted by hostile and unnecessary remarks (of a sexual manner). This can occur in the forms of sexual and off-color stories, presenting someone with vulgar imagery, and inquiring about someone’s sex life. Harassment also constitutes threats, and verbal harassment where an employee is humiliated and made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace. Verbally abusing and threatening an employee can easily lead to physical altercations and can be extremely disruptive to a smooth workplace. In addition, physical harassment, where physical and hostile force is used in the forms of assault, sexual assault and even homicide is one of the most severe forms of harassment and a reality in many companies around the world.

Asset Misuse

Asset misuse is when an employee takes company information and funds and uses them for personal benefit. This can end up costing the company millions as an errant employee with a company credit card or trade secrets can easily sell them off to a competitor. Asset misuse can take many forms : It can be the case where an employee uses company funds for personal benefit, uses the company equipment for personal enjoyment, accepting bribes in exchange for services etc. Asset misuse is one of the most prolific forms of misconduct in the corporate sphere and though a manager will often exercise his/her best judgement in hiring an employee, it is an often unpredictable and unstoppable occurrence.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is the crime of showing up to work under the influence of some sort of drug and can even be the cause of dismissal in some companies. The employee at hand could very well be a key figure in maintaining the public image of the company and presents the possibility to tarnish the company reputation or lessen profits if (s)he acts in an professional manner. However, proving such abuse can pose a challenge to the company unless the employee in question is belligerent and there are clear signs of him/her being high or drunk. Regardless, substance abuse can lead to many issues for the company and regardless of the legality of the drug at hand, if it is affecting his/her ability to show up at work to do their job it needs to be investigated.

The causes of workplace investigation come in various forms however the misbehavior of employees usually tarnish company standards and warrant a serious look into its motives and a discussion into the necessary penalties.