If you ever thought gifts are soppy and cheesy then, friend, do I have the perfect kind of gifts for you. Express how you really feel with these novel, funny little presents. Laughter really is the best medicine, and I am pretty sure your buddy will appreciate the fun gifts you will present them

Glitter pens and Stationary sounds like an ordinary present but that is only because you are yet to be introduced the engraved, cleverly captioned pens. There’s the “Queen of Fucking everything” glitter pen, “That Idea is Garbage” is a great gift idea for a boss who has a sense of humour, “Hands Off my Pen”, “The Pencil is Dead to me” pens. Hilarious!

The list would fail miserably if mugs were not mentioned. Mugs are great gifts when mug printing is also an option! You can design a print of your own or choose from the hundreds, if not thousands, of templates online. The best part of mug printing is that they can be personalized to print whatever you want. If you want to be a bit clever why not buy inappropriate coffee mugs from far kew coffee emporium for a good laugh.

I am going to teach you how even socks can be a funny gift for your friend. You can find printed clothing in most novel gift places but buying your friend a sock for a gift is funny on its own. “These are my dress socks” and “Cats! Crew” socks are pretty nice gifts for your lady friend.

Candles are a sweet gift when it is engraved with something nice, but your friend had enough nice things so get him or her something funny. The “They Hate Us cuz They Ain’t Us” candle is particularly funny. There’s also a “make shit happen” candle, “Let that Shit Go”, “Calm the Hell Down” … when you need total Zen that is.

My favourite Fridge magnet is the “The Important Thing to Remember is Not to Forget” in calligraphy one. It is funny and such a mood, honestly. Having it on my fridge brightens up my mood every time I see it. If only I was gifted the “Amazing as Hell” fridge magnet as well. Or the “I’m not Superstitious but I am a Little Stitious”. Classics.

As far as mu examples are concerned, the best way to gift your friend a clever quote is to have it printed on a T-Shirt. A very timely T-shirt is one I saw that said “I’m Vaccinated, But I Still Want You to Stay the Hell Away From Me”. You can find t-shirts with great designs with witty quotes like “Do Epic Shit” or a lovingly calligraphed “Please Leave”. Talk to the t-shirt, am I right?

Hand sanitizers and Masks can be gifts, especially when things can be printed on them. I love how this mandatory health apparatus became a way for people to express themselves. I am talking about expressions such as “1.5 meters, idiot” or “Namaste Away”, “Where’s My Wine” and so on.

There are many more gift ideas out there, these are but a few. If you know the giftee, more ideas will open to you. In any case, happy gift hunting!