What is House Rendering?

Whether you plan on making the exterior of your house look fancier and more elegant, if you are building a new home or just need repairs, it is all about how long it will stay that way.

Rendering is all about making those changes to the home to make it look more appealing to your preferences or to add improvements to the home and repair any broken wall or more to make the house look as new as before. This includes things like covering walls with cement, acrylic, lime and much more. Rendering a home not only makes it look more appealing or makes it look new as it fixes any damages, but it also looks brighter and more welcoming.

The rendering processes.

While you could render a house on your own it is a job best left for those with experience and professionalism in that field. Plastering walls with cement or other materials is a project that cannot be rushed and has its techniques, so it does not end up looking worse.

It all depends on the products used for rendering and how well it stays on the wall you are improving or repairing. So, when you do decide to render your home, you must ask a professional on the types of render products and what best suits your image for the final look for your home.

The types of rendering products

There are different kinds of rendering products that give out different textures and final looks and a few of those includes Acrylic, Silicone, Cement, Polymer, Lime render and more.

Each of these are used for different purposes such as,

Acrylic Render: They are a thin coat to enhance a coat underneath which also has different textures and colours.

Silicone Render: This is known for its dirt cleaning abilities as a coat of it would prevent dirt marks as the rain hits the surface. It is also durable.

Cement Render: This is known as the cheapest type of render which isn’t as appealing in terms of texture and in comparison to other products. Plus, it can be prone to cracking but it is known for its longevity.

Polymer Render: These are usually mixed with white cement and are ready made in packs, they use other coatings to prevent its cracking and to make it look appealing.

Lime Render: This is usually used to plaster walls of older houses and it is harder to apply but it has an elegant and vintage finish. However, these days it is mixed with a kind of polymer to reduce it’s“hard to apply” factor.

In conclusion, house rendering is a great way to bring back that bright look it had when you moved in or bought it, or to make a new home look more elegant as it is being built. It not only beautifies your home but protects the walls from damage for a certain period of time and stays that way for a while. However, all home rendering is better left to a professional as it will give out a better result!