Wax Seals: Things to Know


Even if you’ve never used sealing wax before or have used mountains of it, finding the best sealing wax can be difficult because there’s not a lot of information to assist guide your quest. So, we’ve created a quick guide on what you should know before you should start using buying sealing wax and save you the time (and money) of trial and error!

What Is Sealing Wax?

To begin, we should discuss the wax itself! Sealing wax is a waxy substance that is meant to melt quickly, hold an imprint when stamped, and harden once cooled.

Originally, sealing wax was used to convey letters safely without danger of interference during the days of squires and knights. A seal, which was also employed as a prestige symbol, was designated for monarchy and prestigious professions such as doctors and lawyers.

Wax seals have gone a long way ever since, but they still create a sense of grandeur and importance. Wax seals and sealing wax are now being used on anything from wedding invitations and crafts to branding and packaging – the possibilities for using wax seals and sealing wax are endless.

Is All Sealing Wax Created Equal?

This is akin to asking if every coffee tastes the same.

Even if you brew your coffee the very same way every time, using different varieties of coffee beans WILL affect the flavour in your cup.

Working with various brands of sealing wax is done in the same manner. You will have a unique experience depending on the materials used to manufacture the wax, the form of the wax (hi glue gun sealing wax), and even the firm you buy it from. You can also get a custom wax seal with your logo done.

We’ll go through the precise possible questions when looking for sealing wax in more depth below.

What Characteristics Define a Good Sealing Wax?

As previously said, not all sealing wax is made equal!

Here is our must-have, top 5 features of what we think makes sealing wax great:

1. Colourful (and a lot of it); 

2. Texture that is both lush and smooth

3. It must be durable and flexible enough to be shipped.

4. It is simple to apply, does not stick frequently, and does not pool.

5. Creates a distinct, high-quality impression

What Are the Various Sealing Wax Blends?

Traditional Wax and Flexible Wax are the two basic types of sealing wax.

It is critical to understand what each mix is intended for, because each one has a unique appearance and some are only created for specific purposes!

The Traditional Mix

Traditional Sealing Wax is easily identified since it typically originates in either “with wick” or “wickless” wax sticks (square in form and like a candle).

This type of wax employs a particular shellac, making it ideal for creating that “breakable” wax appearance when your recipients open their invitations, but it is not advised for mailing.

The Flexible Blend

Sealing that is pliable wax is made from a combination of actual wax and resin, which results in a more flexible wax seal when squeezed (and prevents cracking or breaking).

This is the most common type of wax used in the wedding business. It comes in a variety of colours and has a thicker viscosity for simpler pouring. This type of sealing wax is also noted for its ability to go through the mail safely and to be used on curved surfaces such as bottles and candles.