If you’re planning a visit to a male strip club on your next girl’s night out, there are a few things to consider in the way of etiquette. It is always best to be aware of the rules set in place at the strip club. You have to show respect to the performers as they are professionals who do this as their job. And this environment should be safe for both you and the strippers. If you’re at a hen party, you can let the staff know and ask beforehand whether you can get any special treatment.

You can check whether there is a dress code for the club. There are some clubs that will not let you in with daily casual clothing. But more often than not, ladies will dress up on the visit as it will be for a special occasion like a hen’s night or it will be a night out for them with friends. However, a good tip is to avoid rough denim if you can as the stripper might find it is hard to rub against a rough fabric like that. Soft clothing is a good option if you’re looking forward to a lap dance. You can visit the website aussiehunksaustralia.com.au to make sure that you’re aware of the house rules.

You have to be aware of the rates you need to pay for the show, dances and drinks. If you want to get a private lap dance, check with the website or with the club about the rates for it. Tipping is expected and you can tip the dancers. During the show, you can wait for the end of the performance to leave a few bills or if the male strippers allow it, you can place it on them. But you have to know if you’re allowed to touch the stripper or not. Most clubs will allow touching but you have to be appropriate and respectful to the male stripper. In most male strip clubs, the performers can touch you as well. So if you’re in a similar circumstance and you are not comfortable with it, you can let the stripper know beforehand. You can also ask them before you do anything so that you know what is allowed and what is not.

Be prepared and take plenty of cash with you and your friends. It is best to pay with cash and not your credit card at the club. This is a good tip in limiting what you spend in the club. It is also safer for you in case you accidentally lose your card; it will be hard to look for it in such a busy place. This can be an enjoyable activity as it will allow you to interact with the performer as well. You can ask for a photograph if you like; if the club has a no photograph policy they will let you know. You can always ask questions if you are unsure about something. The male strippers are there to show you a good time and they will be open to letting you know about how the club operates. You can also find answers to most of the questions you have on the website of the strip club.