Every New Year millions of people vow to a resolution that they want to commit for themselves only to quit on it a month later. It is as if this New Year’s resolution has become quite a bit of a joke for everyone, citing that they just felt to commit to it for a moment and then lost the motivation to do so.

Psychologically we are compelled to adhere to these practices because a new year meant new hopes and new beginnings, thus we try to become a better version of us, without really having the determination and even the right motivation to do so. So how do we successfully follow-up on these New Year resolution? Here are some tips.

Choose your Resolution

Choose your resolution well. You cannot address all your flaws or shortcomings all at the same time, choose one that you feel is the one that needs changing as of the moment. Also choose a realistic aspect to work on such as character, behavioural modifications, and so on. Do not attempt to change things that cannot be readily changed, it will just cause you frustration. Choose one that will best benefit your future self and your immediate surroundings.

Make a Plan

Always make a plan, plan ahead on what steps you will take as you go on the journey towards self-improvement. In many cases these vows to change for the better are oftentimes buried deep within busy work schedules, errands, and other trivial things that takes away our focus on some important things in our lives. So, make sure to shop 2022 calendars here, as a part of your self-improvement routine.  

Pick a Starting Line

Choose when you will start, make sure that you choose the time and date where you are the4 least busy and the least worked so that you can focus and have a head start on your routine. Whether it be relaxation, mediation, or exercise, it pays to start when you are the leas stressed so that the behaviour is already set within you and you have already adjusted your lifestyle towards it.

Make a Resolve

Make a strong resolve to be better and to push through even if you feel that you hate it because of the effort that you need to put up or even if you feel that it does not work, still push with the aim that you have set for yourself and gauge it according to the outcome at the end not on the feeling that you have right now. Have the right motivation to push you through hard times, because there will be time that you do not want to do it, but you have to do it anyway these are the times that matter most.

Rewards your Achievements

Lastly, you have to rewards yourself, and do not punish yourself if you failed certain times, just pick yourself up and do it again. Punishing yourself for failing an aim is not good, and it is not proper healthy behaviour. And never fail to reward yourself even for a small achievement, it matters for you and your cause.

It all boils down on yourself because not all people fail in these promises to themselves, some few managed to get a grip and continue on their promises and vows to themselves to become a better version of themselves.