Most Popular Interior Design Themes for Your Home


When it comes to designing your home, there are endless styles and themes to choose from and it all depends on your preferences. As a homeowner, keeping your home beautiful and appealing is important no matter how long you’ve been living in it.

Through time, it’s normal for people to get bored with the usual look of their home, both the interior and exterior. When this time comes, the best thing you could do is to do a home makeover to freshen up your home décor and make it look like new again.

Whether you’re planning to do a house makeover or you’re simply looking for ideas to design your new home, here are some of the most popular interior design themes you might want to consider.


A traditional home style is something that speaks cosiness and comfy feeling. Symmetry and classic lines are common features of this theme. Most traditional homes are designed with orderliness in mind, keeping everything simple, consistent and even matched for an orderly look. Wood is a popular material used in traditional homes. Accessorize it with crown mouldings and classic paintings to complete the look.


A lot of people think that contemporary design should be sleek and cool. However, this theme is actually focused on clean lines and a look that doesn’t just go with the trend. Unlike traditional homes, contemporary design can contain an element of surprise in every room since it is essential to create a statement on the overall décor of your home. Metal, stone, and glass are the most popular materials used in contemporary design but you could lighten the tone by adding textured fabrics in light colours.


Rustic design is aimed to bring the outdoors into your home. If you want a chic and natural looking home, rustic design is a perfect option for you. Wood and stone are the basic materials that are used in rustic homes since these two looks all natural. Don’t forget to incorporate a lot of plants into the décor to complete the look. For quality rustic lighting Australia has a one-stop-shop you could trust.


If you’re the type who can’t really decide on one theme for your home décor, you might want to consider an eclectic design. This theme is a combination of styles but should also be well thought of to achieve a cohesive look. When creating an eclectic design, it is best to be creative and experiment with textures, patterns and prints to see which of them goes well together.

Eclectic theme has lesser limitations compared to other design themes and you could actually create your very own style as long as it is a mixture of elements that still look great together.

There are still plenty of design themes to choose from when you’re looking for ideas. If you’re feeling creative, you might even want to create your very own style that speaks your preferences and personality for a unique home design.