Benefits of Hemp Clothing


Hemp clothing is very soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin. And it is a sustainable crop to grow as well. It nourishes the soil when it is planted and it doesn’t require a lot of water. Hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant and it can be used to make so many other things in addition to clothing.

The hemp crop is quite tall and there are so many benefits it provides. Hemp fabric is largely used for apparel but it can be made into a hemp backpack, bag, tote, rug, table cloth, upholstery, bedding items etc. Today, industries are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint. The fashion industry contributes to pollution significantly and many brands are looking at hemp as an alternative to fabric that is made from harmful practices. The hemp crop absorbs carbon dioxide and doesn’t damage the earth that it is planted in. It can be used to minimise damage to climate due to fashion. Some crops like cotton require a lot of water and it can strain existing resources. But hemp doesn’t need heavy irrigation so it is a great way of saving water. Also, it doesn’t need so many chemicals. There is organically farmed hemp as well.

You can grow hemp in any soil condition. So any country can grow this crop easily. A common problem with planting crops is that they absorb all the nutrients of the soil. But with hemp, this actually happens in reverse. The crop will help restore some of the nutrients that have been leeched off the soil. You can use hemp in crop rotation to nourish the soil. It has a natural resistance to pests and therefore, you can save on pesticides as well. The leaves of the plant will fall to the ground and provide sufficient fertilizer to the plant. And hemp is biodegradable which makes it an ideal apparel fabric. Hemp clothing can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is a breathable fabric and it will absorb sweat well. It is also very easy to dye the hemp fabric. It will not fade for a long time.

Hemp clothing is very durable. It can be rougher than cotton but with every wash, you will experience more softness in the fabric. Clothing made from hemp fabric is resistant to UV rays and mould. This makes it easier for you to store it and it will not fade when you are out in the sun as well. The hemp fabric has antimicrobial properties and can combat odour causing bacteria. You will find it comfortable to wear and this comfort will only improve over time with multiple washes. The sun’s radiation can be damaging to skin but because the thread count of hemp is high, it can actually block UV rays. You can wear this when you are going out in the daytime so that you can minimize exposure to harmful rays of the sun. This will contribute to your health as well.