The Best Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

If you have just started dating, and if a special event such as a birthday, anniversary is coming up, finding a gift for your significant other will be a tedious task. It has to be thoughtful and personal; and above all useful as well.

While gift options are many for a girl, when it comes to guys it is always a problem because we circle back to the same few gift items. But you will hit the jackpot when you find the right combination of useful, thoughtful and personal in a gift. Below mentioned are some categories of gifts you can explore depending on what your boyfriend likes!

Technology and gadgets

It’s no secret that most boys just love anything to do with cool technology and gadgets. From gaming devices, to smart lights, to even little enhancers they could add to their everyday use tech gadgets would make ideal gifts for guys.

If you’re planning to gift someone who likes comfort, a little lazy and likes the latest gadgets, smart devices would be ideal. While if they are adventurous, you can always get them handheld cameras, drones etc. If they have specific interests like gaming, car racing etc.; buying related equipment would be most ideal as they would not only enjoy it, but would be useful to them as well!

Sentimental, Creative Items

Guys secretly love sentimental gifts; that’s why doing something with your hands, or making something and gifting it would be ideal. If you’re planning on a couple of gifts, or if you’re on a tight budget, having something cheesy and sentimental should definitely be a gift option.

If you’re creative, you can create anything from blankets to bags that they will always use and remember. However, if you’re a couple who don’t see each other often enough due to distance or any other reason, you can shop collage photo frames to compile your favourite photos and gift it to them.

Everyday use items

While these might be the most practical gifts of all; they might also look a little impersonal. But you can always add the personal touch by customizing according to the unique memories and moments that each of you share. If your boyfriend doesn’t buy essentials such as clothes, socks, underwear for himself, buying a bunch of these with cute reminders of you would make ideal gifts.

It will be something they will eventually use on a daily basis, and it will constantly remind you of them. Gifting them your favourite fragrance, aftershave, bath and body items etc. are also both personal and practical

Pampering Sessions

While we might think that spa days, a mani-pedi are typically gifts for girls; boys too would enjoy some TLC once in a while. This is an area that they’re not used to, nor have experienced, and might be a good change from their usual routine way of doing things. While at first, they may be sceptical about going in for a massage, sauna or a pedicure, once you’ve gone with them once or twice, they will surely keep wanting more!

While these are some broad categories where you could choose the ideal gift from for your boyfriend, it is always important to keep it personal and creative to keep the spark going!

Hester Griffith
the authorHester Griffith