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City Initiatives to Promote Safety and Eco Friendliness in Parks

Parks are more than just recreational areas, of course they are but the play a function much more profound and meaningful than just being a fun place to be in and that is they create a sense of great quality of life for the people who are visiting and living in the city.

The green space that they are offering is highly beneficial to the people living in that area, because they breathe in the clean air it provides and it also is a place to relax and unwind in such a busy urban life. Here are some cool city initiatives that promotes safety and ecofriendly approach in urban living.

Segregated Bins

Of the simplest yet very effective means towards a green ecofriendly park is through offering segregated bins for the trash to go. Many people are injured in terms of the different litters that are scattered around the park, from broken bottles to other debris that people bring in and failed to dispose properly because of the lack of bins.

Thus, having these bins not only promotes ecofriendly initiative but also promotes safety among those who wants to visit the parks. Parks should be made free of debris as they are a place where people bring their children to play around and it would be very dangerous is trash is littered around the area if there are no bins available to dispose the trash.

Solar powered Charging stations

One of the best ways to offer alternative solutions to charging stations and other electrical and power needs in parks is the utility of solar panels in parks. Having to install these multifunctional solar panels in park areas could offer safe charging stations for everyone and also solar powered LED street lights do not only help in terms of keeping the park well-lit but it also helps promote safety in the park especially when it is already night time, plus it helps reduce energy consumption in parks thus saving more money from electrical costs.

Sustainable building materials for structures

Other means to make the park more sustainable and safer is in using materials that are great for the environment and also great in terms of saving costs for structures erected in the park. For example, some parks used old barrels to form a sort of roof to cool the children playing in the park’s playground. These barrels were installed in such a way that air still passes through which cools the ground with cool air and at the same time offer shade for those children playing the playground.

Parks has multiple functions to play and one of that is to strengthen the balance of ecofriendly initiatives in highly urbanized areas. Parks offer a shade of green in a concreted urban area is the equivalent of offering an alternative vista and clean moving space for the citizens in a specific city. Parks play the roles of cleaning and keeping the quality of air surrounding an area through the trees planted in it. 

Hester Griffith
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