Hobbies That You Should Start Learning to Improve IQ

We all have to work towards our own development as individuals, without such intent we will always be stagnated to the stage and level where we are in right now and that is not good. One of the reasons where it is not good in terms of growth is that, in doing so you will drag along your own weaknesses and incapability and that is not good for anyone, as that would cause for a negative loop towards a lower quality of life. One of the aspects that people want to develop with themselves is the IQ level, but how can this be attained? Here are some hobbies you can start to increase your IQ level.

Musical Instrument

In terms of the effect of increasing IQ one of the highest would be learning to play a musical instrument. The idea behind it is that all aspects of motivation and almost all aspect of learning could be exercised in the process of learning how to play an instrument.

Say for example you want to learn how to play the guitar, both your physical and mental aspect will be utilized in terms of learning it and the memory and psychomotor responses of your body also attributes to the increase in IQ since all aspects and parts of your brain would also be utilized, such as advance motor planning, memory, emotion, auditory and perceptual senses are also greatly used in such process.


One of the best ways to express is through painting and it is not just plain expression, according to many psychologists it is one of the purest forms of expression since you are not using words in the way you express but rather you are using colours and images to describe and explain things and events, and even emotions or memories.

Repressed emotions could surface during the process of painting;thus, it helps in the aspect or improve the IQ of the individual. Should you want to pursue painting as a hobby, you can buy materials through Riot Art and Craft online shopping platform where you can get all the material you need for a painting project.


This one is quite underrated but quite so it does significantly increase the IQ of the person who regularly practices gardening. The reason why it is underrated because only a few wants to indulge themselves in the business of growing plants, regardless if it is flowering or fruit-bearing plants, especially young people.

But garden increases IQ in a unique way, it actually goes along with the process of thinking and planning in terms of taking care of the plant and the anticipatory process of knowing what the plat needs to be able to grow. Nevertheless, gardening has been one that greatly increases IQ, you can start withsmall few plants to try it out.

Somebody said that the only time you stop growing and developing is when you die, this is actually right. And thus, we always strive for the growth and never cease to become the better version of ourselves. The list above shows activities that might increase the IQ level, but if you need a development on other aspects you can start on other hobbies as well.

Hester Griffith
the authorHester Griffith