How To Gear Up for Winter

The cold weather will soon arrive and all we will want to do is dive right into a pile of clothes and never come out of it. Wearing multiple layers of clothing becomes a tendency during winter, and in between staying warm enough to function like a normal human to looking like a panda with all the thick clothing, we sometimes forget that we can look stylish and remain warm.

Mentioned below are some ways in which you can remain warm but continue looking fab in every outfit.

Wear longer underwear

Long underwear made of silk or thermal materials will help you keep the moisture away from your body, these can be worn with any outfit and they would keep you warm and dry during the winters.

Wear moisture wicking materials

Always choose materials of undershirts that keep you warm. These are made out of materials like athletic fabrics, polypropylene and merino wool. These will help you stay dry whereas materials like pure cotton will absorb your sweat and remain moist which will make you feel even colder.

Wear a thick layer of socks

It is very important to wear thick socks as they protect your feet from turning cold. They should be long enough so that no coolness can creep into your body. Ideally, we wear socks made out of wool to keep us warm and dry.

Your accessories need to be on point

You can’t be wearing the same hat, coat, shawl, or boots with every outfit and expect to look stylish. Pair each outfit with the most suited accessory. These are easily available online. You can even shop ladies wide fit boots online or a stylish hat to pair with your dress.

Wear sweatshirts over your clothes

Wearing a sweatshirt over your shirt adds to the casual easy-going look. Plus, they help you keep warm and are the comfiest clothes there is.

Wear a statement coat

Your ultimate piece of clothing will be a coat. Wear a stylish coat that makes you feel confident. Feather sleeve cardigan or faux leather puffer coats would look top class with your clothes.

Don’t forget the scarf

Chunky scarfs are what complete the winter look these days. Get yourself a nice woollen scarf to look cute and stay warm on those winter days.

Cold but not too cold?

If you feel like you are going to remain indoors all day and coats and sweaters become too heavy for you, what you can do is wear a lightweight cardigan that will keep you slightly warm and make you feel comfortable.

Get the coat

Investing in a coat of neutral colour is ideal. These will match any dress you wear, and also add to the look of your outfit. Buy the ones that are made of waterproof material and are insulated down, these keep you warm all day long.

Winter hats

You may feel like your head feels too cold. Get yourself a nice beanie to match your outfits.

Concluding, use your accessories to add a personal touch to your winterwear. These are a great way to have fun in winter while dressing up.

Hester Griffith
the authorHester Griffith