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Key Considerations When Obtaining a Greenhouse Quotation

If you are looking to invest in a greenhouse, it is important to be aware of all costs involved. You need to achieve a balance between quality and cost and this largely depends on the manufacturer that you go to.

When carrying out a greenhouse project,

It is important that the company you are planning to work with visit the site so that they can carry out a detailed assessment. You can ask several potential companies to quote for a walk-in greenhouse to get a better idea of the materials they use and the strategies they come up with to increase the effectiveness or efficiency of the greenhouse. And giving a detailed and accurate quotation depends on detailed measurements. The company will send a team to the site so that the length and width of the greenhouse can be measured to understand its dimensions. The height of the greenhouse should also be decided at this point. You can get the advice of the supplier as well. You need to consider the height of crops and the equipment you will be using inside the greenhouse when achieving at a realistic height.

The foundation for the greenhouse should also be considered.

This can be gravel, concrete etc. depending on the soil conditions of your site. Your plants will also need ventilation so you can check with the company how they can design vents into this structure. For example, you can have roof and sidewall vents to bring in ventilation and ensure proper plant growth. Consider how many access points you need for the greenhouse. This will depend on the layout, size of the greenhouse and the processes that occur inside it. A reliable and experienced greenhouse supplier will send a team of experts to the site to assess it thoroughly so they have a good understanding of the site conditions they are working with. They can also advise you on the best location for the greenhouse depending on exposure to sunlight, accessibility and wind protection. There are also certain legal requirements to be taken into consideration depending on your local building codes.

Once you have a team at the site,

You can discuss with them how your greenhouse can be customised according to your specific requirements. You have to consider the crop type as different crops will have different needs. And if you are growing a crop where you need to precisely control conditions such as humidity, temperature, lighting etc. you need to let the supplier know so that these can be taken into consideration in the cost. Sometimes automation can be done where irrigation systems or ventilation can be automated. And if you have a preference for the structure such as the design of the roof or height of sidewall, you can ask the supplier to include certain modifications. Energy efficiency is also important when making the quotation. Check how the long term operation costs can be reduced as a result of the strategies suggested by the greenhouse supplier.

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