Qualities to Look for in a Security Guard

There are so many benefits of hiring a security guard for your residence or business premises. But you have to carry out thorough research before a security detail is hired to ensure that you have the best security solution for your requirements.

You need to let the security agency know of your requirements so that they will be able to assign a competent security detail for you. There are many qualities that are required of a security guard that you should look for when interviewing potential security guards. Not everyone will be suited for that job as it can be a high pressure job that requires their concentration at all times. They should be able to focus on the task for a longer time and be able to supervise the premises sufficiently. It can be rare for a security breach to occur so most of the time, they will have uneventful shifts. The security guard should be somebody who doesn’t get bored of being out of action for the most part of the shift. They should be able to keep watch instead of letting their mind wander. A security guard will be redundant if they are stuck looking at their smartphone all day oblivious to what is happening around them. They should not become complacent in their job as this will widen the possibility for mistakes.

There should be integrity for the person you are selecting for the security detail. Having strong morals will ensure that they themselves will not be embroiled in suspicious or criminal civility. It will not do to hire a security detail to protect intellectual and physical property if the risk is posed by the security guard themselves. The person you hire should be somebody who will not think about taking advantage of their position and opening your business up to more crime. This is why it is so important to with a security company that has a stringent screening process for their security guards. Physical fitness is a requirement for a security guard as it has a physical aspect. It will be rare for them to have to get in the middle of an altercation but in the event of such a situation, they should have the fitness levels to respond to it properly. You can ask the company about the physical fitness requirements they look for in their applicants. 

Security guards should have multiple skills. One such skill they should have is social skills where they have to act quickly to ensure a situation doesn’t take a turn to the worse in the space of a few seconds. They should be able to talk a dispute down or be able to deal with an altercation on the premises. Sometimes it will not be outsiders that will be making trouble. There can be employees having an altercation or an argument that can escalate to something dangerous and a security guard should be able to diffuse the situation without using maximum force. Social skills will also allow them to deal with visitors to the premises such as customers.

Hester Griffith
the authorHester Griffith