Take Control and Defend Your Online Reputation

No law firm wants to find themselves in the position of receiving a bad review on Google. Addressing these reviews can seem like a difficult effort because, if ignored, they can have a negative impact on the firm’s reputation.

Fortunately, by taking the appropriate steps, you can not only safeguard your reputation but also be able to do damage control because of unfavourable customer reviews that surface online. You can be better prepared if your law firm ever faces this difficulty by reading this blog post’s helpful recommendations on how to handle this challenging issue.

Respond to the review

Responding to the review should be your initial action. This demonstrates to potential customers that you are open to their feedback and will address any issues they may have. Either respond to the reviewer directly or post a general answer to your website or social media profiles. A law firm dealing with negative review on Google demonstrates that they are a respectable company that cares about managing and meeting their clients’ expectations.

Reach out to the client offline

If a current or former customer left a bad review, you should get in touch with them offline to try to work things out. You can accomplish this through a phone conversation, email, or in-person encounter. It is critical to maintain professionalism and courtesy while working to resolve the issue.

Developing a good relationship with your consumer can aid in addressing the issue. Before describing your plan to fix the problem, acknowledge their suggestions and thank them for bringing them to your notice. Make sure you fully own up to any errors or misunderstandings and offer clear solutions to the issue.

You may also extend compensation as necessary. If it is possible and the client is willing, ask them to update their review if you are successful in fixing the problem.

Monitor your online reputation

It’s important to regularly monitor your online reputation so that you can quickly address any negative reviews that may pop up. An easy and effective approach to keep an eye on your online reputation is using Google Alerts.

You can set up alerts for particular phrases associated with your company, and Google will notify you through email if something new is written about those terms online. Mention also provides more sophisticated tools, such as sentiment analysis of reviews, so you may spot any unfavourable sentiments before they become a problem. 

Promote positive reviews

You should promote any positive evaluations you get in addition to replying to any unfavourable ones. Sharing the review on your website and social media accounts, as well as sending an email blast to your customer and prospect database, are all viable options for accomplishing this.

It is crucial to pay attention to online client reviews. Law firms must take action to prevent their reputation as a company from being harmed while dealing with negative reviews. By actively participating in the monitoring of your firm’s ratings, you may stay ahead of any potential unfavourable feedback.

Hester Griffith
the authorHester Griffith