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Tips for Choosing a Flattering Swimsuit Style

Selecting a swimsuit can be a challenge as you need to select a colour that complements you and a style that you feel comfortable in. There are so many options you can consider when it comes to styles and you have to think about your body shape and best features when selecting the ideal swimsuit.

You can choose colours that complement your skin tone as well.

For example, jewel toned swimsuits such as emerald green and blue bikini tops are great for light to medium complexion. For fair skin, pastels and bright colours will be ideal while earthy tones will look great on olive skin. You have to understand your body type to know what is flattering on your body. There are certain areas you can accentuate on the body and areas that you will need to balance. There are also body types such as hourglass figures that can wear a large number of styles because there is a good balance between the hips and the bust. Therefore, if you have an hourglass figure, you can wear tankinis, one pieces, bikinis and high waisted bottoms. For those that are pear shaped, they can wear darker or solid colours for the bottoms so that the wider hips can be balanced. Pear shaped bodies tend to have a smaller bust and this can be accentuated by patterned tops or bikinis that come with embellishments.

Those with an apple shaped body

Will have more weight in their midsection and this can be an area that they are self-conscious about. But you can choose swimsuits that offer more coverage for the midsection along with support such as one pieces. If you have an athletic body shape, you can consider swimsuit styles that come with details such as patterns and ruffles so that it adds more curves to the figure. If you have a waist and hips that are narrower than your shoulders, you have an inverted triangle shape. To balance the top part of the body, you can use simple solid tops and accentuate the bottom part using patterns and details. There are many styles of swimsuits available as well so it is good to research these so you have an idea of the options open to you. The most common types you will come across will be the one piece and the bikini.

One piece swimsuits offer full coverage and this will give you adequate support.

This is also a great option for those looking for modest styles. There are one pieces that come with cut outs and other details for more flair as well. Some options have high legs. There are different cuts for bikinis and you will find triangle and bandeau tops along with high waisted bottoms. The beauty of wearing bikinis is that you will be able to mix and match what you have in the wardrobe and create unique colour and pattern combinations. This allows you to personalise your look. Tankinis have more coverage for the top as it comes with a tank top and it will have a bikini bottom.  You can find these in different styles and lengths.

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