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Tips for Effectively Conveying Your Preferences to the Hairstylist

Hair is a big part of people’s perception of themselves and therefore, choosing the right hairstylist is very important. When you are going to the salon, you have a responsibility of clearly conveying your expectations and preferences to the stylist so that there are no misunderstandings.

You can look for images or references that show the hairstyle,

Cut or colour that you have in mind so that it is much easier to communicate your expectations to the hairstylist. Make sure to go through social media, beauty magazines and sites for hairstyles that you are interested in. This way, you can give a visual reference to the hairstylist and this will be the starting point of your consultation. You can also go through the portfolio of South Morang Beauty salon to check whether they have done similar hairstyles to what you have in mind. In this case, you can also show them the photo of their work you are interested in. Or, there may be a hairstyle you have had in the past that you want to maintain. You can show a photo of this to the stylist to show them what you have in mind. In addition to visual references, think about how you will explain your desired hairstyle to the stylist. You have to be clear in the words you use to describe the hairstyle. Words such as long or short will not be specific enough. You need to use a specific reference point so that the hairstylist is clear about your preference. For example, you can ask them to cut the hair to shoulder or collarbone length. Some other descriptive words you can use are “blunt”, “textured” and “layered” when explaining about the style elements.

You have to consider your lifestyle as well when deciding on your hair preferences.

You have to think about your work environment, daily routine and personal preferences. For example, you will find it easier to handle a low-maintenance cut when you have a busy lifestyle. Also, there are certain styles that are appropriate for a professional setting. You can let your stylist know of the professional setting you work in so that they can weigh in their opinions as well. Make sure to communicate your styling habits to the hairstylist so that they have a good idea of the maintenance routine that you can commit to. For example, you can ask them to recommend a low-maintenance hairstyle or treatment. Also, some will love to spend their time styling so you can ask then ask the hairstylist to give you a versatile cut that will allow you to experiment with different styling options.

Your hair history is quite important

As this will allow the stylist to understand the current condition of your hair. You can let them know of any hair challenges you are dealing with along with chemical processes or colour treatments that your hair has undergone recently. This will help them determine the best approach to achieve your desired hairstyle. If you have had a negative or positive experience with a certain hairstyling technique or product, you can let the stylist know as they can take your preferences into account. When you are going in for a hair colour, you have to be very specific. You have to avoid words like darker or lighter and instead discuss the specific undertones, shades and highlights you need.

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