Utilise Eucalyptus Oil’s Healing Power

Eucalyptus oil releases nature’s healing power in a single drop. Eucalyptus oil, known for its ancient roots as well as modern uses has attracted health fanciers and health pursuers. It is an equally potent essential oil with nice aroma that promotes good state of your health. There is eucalyptus oil, which you can take to ease your congestion or relax your body and mind naturally. In this blog post we discuss the history, making process, beneficial properties, recipe ideas, safety aspects and easy ways to use this multipurpose essential oil in your everyday life. Pick up some tea, and get yourself ready to enjoy eucalyptus oil!
The Origin of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil was first used by Australians several years ago. Millions of years ago, these native peoples realised the healing potency of Eucalyptus globulus. They employed its leaf oil for medicinal and religious activities.

However, as they were introduced into other countries and climates beyond Australia, eucalyptus trees have successfully adapted to many different conditions. Travellers in Europe during the 18th century noted its sweet and curative scent. Then some botanists, pharmacologists, and perfumists began to take samples of eucalyptus oil to Europe.

The eucalyptus oil finds applications in various over-the-counter treatment regimes having shown some antibacterial, anti- inflammatory and also decongestant activities. The oil is extracted from freshly plucked mature leaves of eucalyptus via steam distillation.

In this article, we will show how flexible eucalyptus oil can be in terms for health benefits. Let’s discover this fantastic base oil.

The Making of Eucalyptus Oil

The source of eucalyptus oils is Australian eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus is an example of a product that goes through many processes in order to guarantee that its purity and strength.

First, mature eucalyptus leaves are plucked off. The leaves are the source of plant-therapeutic oils that are essential. After that, dampness is removed by drying the collected ones.

Dried leaves are then passed through steam distillations. High-pressure steam is used for the liberation of aromatic chemicals. These substances convert the heat energy of steam into liquid form through condensation.

The liquid is eucalyptus oil. However, these impurities could also be present. Leftover impurities are removed during remolding.

The oil is clear or almost light-yellow with a pleasant, stimulating odour. It has been a favorite in terms of health and wellness due to its strong fragrance as well as calming effect.

Having an understanding of how eucalyptus oil is produced will assist you in comprehending its natural origin and using good quality product in everyday routine.

Eucalyptus Oil Health Benefits

It’s a potent natural medicine for health improvement – eucalyptus oil. It is used in aromatherapy and in ordinary medicine due to its medicinal influence on the body.

Eucalyptus oil helps respiratory health. This reduces cold, allergy, congestion, and cough relief. May be, relaxing smell of eucalyptus oil can be useful for your breathing.

Eucalyptus oil is an antimicrobial agent that combats bacteria, virus, and fungi. It is a natural house surface and cleaner that disinfect effectively, as well as it washes air in your home. Using eucalyptus oil as a cleaning agent will also contribute in making your home healthy for you, and your loved ones.

Besides this, it is also an analgesic essential oil which alleviates pain and swelling. Topical application of diluted eucalyptus oil may help in reducing headache as well as muscle tension.

Eucalyptus oil has also positive psychological effect. It energizes one’s emotional and cognitive status. Using eucalyptus oil diffuser or Eucalyptus inhaler daily may enable you to relax and concentrate.

The use of eucalyptus essential oils onto the skin has to be with carrier oils/other dilution method.
Different Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

There is no limit to what can be done with eucalyptus oil. This oil is very effective and is able to serve multiple purposes. Usually, it is applied in curing various lung diseases of natural origin. In order to relieve chest congestion as well as coughs, put a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil in the hot water you can then breathe in the steams.

Once more, eucalyptus oil alleviates muscle and joint pain. Combine the oil with coconut or jojoba oil. Blend it well before rubbing it on the affected area. Although topical eucalyptus oil can have a temporary relief of headaches, it cools and thus provides relief.

It also aids in relaxation and sleeping using eucalyptus essential oil. Add a few drops into your bathtub or mix it with some carrier oil and apply it onto on your forehead just before you go to sleep. The fragrance will make you relax and dream.

Eucalyptus oil is good for ant and mosquito control. Dilute eucalyptus oil and mix it well with water in a spray bottle you will use to spray pests’ entry points like window, doorway and others.

This is a powerful essential oil and its antibacterial properties makes it suitable in DIY detergents. A natural house freshener can be made by mixing a few drops of eucalyptus oil with either vinegar or baking Soda as they remove dirt without causing nasty smells.

There are endless possibilities for adding some eucalyptus oil to your daily routine. Your home will need this natural powerhouse for health reasons, insects control, and cleaning. Use eucalyptus for its medical value!

Safety Concerns for Eucalyptus Oil

However, there are some safety steps that need to be followed when using eucalyptus oil. However, this essential oil may have some side effects if used inaccurately.

Secondly, make sure you use eucalyptus oil externally. It’s harmful, do you not eat it? Do not apply pure eucalyptus oil on sensitive or broken skin.

For pregnant or breastfeeding women, consult your doctor before taking eucalyptus oil. Children below six years should not use this oil unless their doctor advises otherwise.

When diffusing eucalyptus oil, air vent your home or office. Prolonged exposure to strong smell can have adverse effects on one’s respiratory system.

Use eucalyptus oil cautiously if you are an asthmatic or epileptic and seek a doctor’s advice.

Observing such safety measures and using eucalyptus oil accordingly provides the curative benefits while avoiding harm. Ensure good health and enjoy this amazing essential oil.

Eucalyptus Oil in Daily Life

Now that you know what eucalyptus oil is all about its history, origins and its benefits, how about you now learn the habitual way of using it. Eucalyptus oil can be used in several ways including by boosting your immune system or relieving a cough.

Popular methods include aromatherapy. Try mixing in some eucalyptus oil and place it in an oil diffuser/humidifier. They clean the air, making them cooler and the minds settled.

Droplet of eucalyptus oil can be added to steaming water and sniffed deeply to clear a blocked sinus. The soothing fumes will flush out your sinuses and alleviate chest pains.

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