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What Are the Uses Of 3D Printing?

The concept of 3D printing is now heard of quite often. We hear it being used in multiple industries as it possesses many cool benefits and features. One of the main reasons it is so common is due to how cost effective it is.

While the printer itself is an investment what you can make from it, is worth the cost. 3D printers are used daily in certain industries as well as hobbies for those who own one. You will need the right material to use it, although that too is now commonly available. So, what exactly are the users of 3D printing?

Used in the medical industry

If you have watched Grey’s Anatomy then you must have watched the episode of a heart being printed using a 3D printer. The concept is bizarre as it is difficult to imagine a heart that pumps blood can be printed.

However, the medical industry has seen so many advantages that 3D printing is now a system that is used quite often in the field. While not everyone has access to it 3D printing is in the testing stages for feasibility in hospitals around the world.

In construction and architecture

We all love looking at 3D images and layouts especially when it comes to buildings or interiors. So how do you think those 3Ds are formed? Printing has become very commonly used in the field to build and create life like layouts for buildings, cities and interiors.

If you are looking for a supplier of 3D printing filaments in Australia, there are quite a few well-known companies that manufacture them. So, you can check these out by going online. They provide a high-quality filament that can be used for various printing needs.

Can be used to print components

Have you ever tried to find spare parts for your car and not been able to? How if you could just print it instead? The car manufacturing and aviation industry too rely on 3D printers for small components. The material used is usually strong and long lasting allowing it to be used in such industries. Nuts and bolts can now be printed and attached to other components saving time and money.

It requires less wastage

Unlike manufacturing and creating, printing does not leave behind wastage. The filament prints exactly to the size of the model fed into the system leaving no remnants. The process is much more efficient and is considerably better for the planet too. all in all, the process of 3D printing has changed the game for traditional manufactures. It provides a great deal of benefits and is a worthwhile investment for those interested.

If you are into creating 3D printers can also be personally owned for your pleasure. Many have started printing and selling components for their customers wants privately creating a business out of yet another genius creation. The possibilities are endless with 3D printing and will very soon be used in all industries.

Hester Griffith
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