5 Reasons Your Eyes Are Looking Tired

Have you always wanted why your eyes keep looking tired, even when you aren’t really old? Here are some of the top causes you may or may not have known.


There is so much that change, or that you start lacking rather, as you grow old, which can all take a toll on your eye health and appearance. Weakened muscles and tissue, and the decrease in skin elasticity owing to ageing can cause wrinkles, or/and puffy, sagging eyes. Ageing also causes a reduction in collagen production in your bodies, which might be the biggest blow to a woman who is ageing. In simple words, no collagen could literally mean no beauty!

The good news however, is that with some good skincare practices, you wouldn’t be letting the whole aging process take much of a toll on your body and your skin. In fact, the right practices can eventually make you look younger than you are! When it comes to your eyes in particular, you should use an eye serum and try out natural remedies/treatment that can be done at home. These are best done before bedtime when you are likely to be more relaxed and freer.


Dehydration is most of the time, a temporary problem that can occur due to various reasons, and lead to tired looking eyes. The lack of water automatically leads to swollen and puffed-up eyes that make you look tired.If you don’t drink enough water for a prolonged period of time, you are likely to develop this appearance frequently. This is why drinking plenty of water is important. However, other times this could happen is when you have cried out of sorrow or during an emotional movie.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is directly linked to tired looking that can be puffed, sagging, and surrounded by dark circles at the same time. Majority of the time, it is stress that causes you to lack sleep, and it more likely the former that is actually responsible for the poor health and appearance of your eyes. If you want to sleep and rest well, you need to first look for healthy and practical ways to destress and relax. Sleep, then, will follow automatically.


Experts say that smoking makes you age faster. There is no good that smoking does anyway, is there? Be it emotionally, psychologically, or physically, smoking is only going to your body more damage than any good. Nevertheless, it is never too late to quit smoking, even if youhave started noticing changes in your skin already.


This might be one of the biggest causes of eye damage today, whether in terms of the way your eyes look or the way they function. If it were about a decade or so ago, people might be guilty of reading in the dark or reading without their glasses on.

Today however, electronic devices and screen time are mostly to blame. Too much screen time, and improper practices during screen time are becoming the most common reasons why one’s eyes look tired and sullen, and why their eyesight has gotten bad!

Hester Griffith
the authorHester Griffith