5 Types of Clothes to Avoid During Pregnancy

There is so much that you’d avoid when you are expecting a child. Here are 5 types of clothing you shouldn’t have in your maternity wardrobe. 

Tights and Tight Pants

While many pregnant womenhave sworn that they always wanted to wear as less clothes as possible, or feel that way, at least, there are some who are totally okay with a pair of jeans or tights. Such choices have all got to do with their personal preferences, nevertheless, tight clothing is best avoided during pregnancy, the latter stages, in particular.

This is because you don’t want to have your clothing putting pressure and restricting blood flow or movement around your belly as your bump grows. This can also cause discomfort which you are likely to feel more prominently once you’ve taken them off, and it surely isn’t a pleasant feeling.

Skin-tight Tops

As explained above, anything tight can cause pressure on your pregnant body, causing restriction in many ways. It is not just tight jeans that you would try to avoid, but tops, too. In fact, tight tops can have worse effects on you especially when you are going through episodes of nausea and vomiting.If you wish, you could Consider getting a couple of comfy breastfeeding tops that you might as well start wearing during your pregnancy.

Breastfeeding tops are essential additions to your new wardrobe. Most of these tops are designed to cater to both pregnant and breastfeeding women, offering the comfort and convenience they deserve. Thus, see that you’ve got them on your list of must-haves and grab a couple of nice ones when you get the chance.

Unsupported Bras

Your breasts begin to change in many ways starting as early as the first few weeks of conception. Soreness and fullness are continuous signs you will experience through your pregnancy, as well as after child birth, which is why you will need to start using good quality, comfortable maternity underwear as early as you can.

Maternity bras are designed to provide maximum support along with loads of comfort to your growing and changing breasts, which can also help minimize the level of soreness and other discomfort you will feel.

Synthetic Fabrics

Always try to choose clothing that are made from natural fibres and have zero negative effects on you, your baby, or your environment. These fabrics aren’t just safe, but offer optimum comfort just the way you need it! Clothing made from synthetic fabrics can may have negative effects on the health and wellbeing of your baby and yourself.

Some women do not really develop allergies to these types of fabrics until when they are pregnant. Thus, it is always best that you get a wardrobe makeover and replace all your average clothing with high quality maternity wear, in fact, the best you can find.

Clothing with too Many Attachments

As you see, comfort is what it’s all about where pregnancy and maternity is concerned. Thus, choosing clothing with accessories, buttons, belts, rings and strings, and other bling attachments are a definite ‘no’ during and post pregnancy.

Firstly, they aren’t safe in any way – you could injure yourself or your baby. Secondly, these attachments if made from types of metal or other synthetic material, can prove harmful to both you and bub when in contact with your skin.

Hester Griffith
the authorHester Griffith