5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Water Intake

When the topic of hydration and water consumption is discussed, not many of us can be genuinely pleased with our practices. Most of us come up with excuses for not drinking enough water. True enough, each one of us may be wrapped up with a hectic lifestyle. However, it is important to make extra effort when it comes to self care. Here are a few simple tips to increase your daily water intake.

Use a Bottle

The foremost thing you would do is make sure you have plenty of clean drinking water available close to you. Look for a drinking water supplier in Chatswood who can deliver bottled water to your home on a weekly basis or so. However, it is not just availability that matters, but accessibility, too. Make sure you have a water dispenser from which you could fill up your bottles and tumblers easily.

Developing the habit of keeping a bottle closer has proven to be helpful in increasing the daily intake of water. Choose a great bottle – one that’s a great colour and shape, and an ideal size that’s convenient to hold and carry. A lot of people do claim that a cool bottle makes them want to drink out of it. Thus, you might want to try and find a bottle of this nature, for the time and money you spend on it certainly shall be worth it. 

Respond to Thirst

The general advice is to drink water frequently enough so your body wouldn’t need to remind you to drink up. Nevertheless, whenever you do get cues of thirst, always make sure you respond immediately and not ignore them. Ignoring these cues and delaying your response, or not responding at all can only result in a significant reduction of your water intake. The better you respond, the likelier you are to keep up with the requirement.

8 Glasses May Not Be Enough

While the general rule is to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, you need to understand that there is a possibility of your actual requirement being a lot more than that. The amount of water you actually require will depend on numerous factors such as specific health and nutritional factors, your lifestyle and habits, as well as your physical activity. Thus, you need to keep in mind that there is always a high possibility that you may require lots more water than the average amount. 

Look for Interesting Tips

Think of interesting ways to consume water, such as adding flavours. Many claim that exploring flavour options motivates them to drink more. Slices of lemon and mint in a jar of water may not just be tempting to look at, but should have great flavour, too. 

Stock Up on Different Fluids

Fluids are not limited to water alone. If you don’t like drinking just water all day, you may want to stock up on other great fluids like coconut water, fresh juices, even sports drinks if you like. When you have variety, your tendency to explore and indulge increases, which means you are likely to drink more. 

Hester Griffith
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